Tuesday, 27 December 2016

QH3 Run 926. Manvers Arms, Cotgrave

undefinedRUN #926
Date : TUESDAY 27th December 2016
Location: Manvers Arms, Cotgrave
Hares:Butcher's Dog and Sausage
Weather: Bright and sunny winter's day
Pack size: 16

The Quorn Hash first ran from the Manvers Arms in Cotgrave in July 1997 (Run 213) when the trail was set by a certain Too Tuf and Pleasure Gnome (!?). Since then, until now, we had run from here only a further two times - July 2003 (Sybil's Snot and PE) and September 2009 (Shagulater). We find it hard to forget when we have an On Inn with no beer, as it was in 2003, and we've held a grudge ever since! The good news is this pub has been transformed by the current landlords since 2013 and now looks like an excellent hash venue with decent beer and plenty of room to sit. Indeed, the food menu looks good (Wednesday eating group with a running problem take note!)

Another good turnout for this end-of-year Tuesday run with hashing visitors (Frogney and Borderline), and a welcome back to Huffamoose on his biannual run. Even Mrs Pre-Mature (Margaret) was seen walking on the the trail with a limping Puss 'n Boots who must have been overdoing it a bit in the Pantomine season.

The trail was well constructed  going in directions we expected it not to go, including a poor call on a false trail up the road to Clipstone which Bummer got the blame for. Plenty of shiggy underfoot but a lovely sunny winter's day to be out hashing. Malteaser had obviously learnt from Seaman Stains the art of walking very fast on the hash, leading the majority of the pack to wonder why they were making any pretence of putting one foot in front of the other in a running sort of way.

The return back into Cotgrave reminded us this used to be a mining village including an extra loop at the end into the fringe of what is now a nice country park.

The pub car park is a pay and display, I guess because Cotgraveans might think about using this as a Park & Ride into Nottingham. The more money you put into the machine the bigger your redemption in the pub!

It was good to have the Beer Master here to do his job and RA Chicki back under the collar after an unusually long absence of a month.

The following awards were made:
1. Lily the Pink for misplacing her cool running shades;
2. Puss 'n Boots for running shoes new to this hash (though technically he could have claimed he didn't run in them);
3. Huffamoose welcome back;
4. Bummer, who got the blame for the bad checking up towards Clipstone;
5. Butcher's Dog, master baker for making Lily the Pink bake rock cakes instead of bakewells. Well she is a geologist!;
6. Pre-Mature who showed more concern for Lily the Pink this week (having ignored her fallen body on a previous hash);
7. Borderline, ex-Yorkshire hasher was welcomed to QH3 in the traditional manner (unfortunately Frogney had already departed for Exeter);
8. Margaret to her surprise (she was lurking to try and avoid the circle) received an award for her Skyping abilities;
9. Too Tuf for being a naughty boy (would you like a list from the RA?);
10. Malteaser who now has a plastic dot to talk to called Alexa;
11. Durex, absent from the A-team this week;
12. Hares Butcher's Dog and Lincolnshire Sauage for setting the trail. Depending how you want to use the term 'mean', they received a secret ballet vote of between 45 - 69%; and the dregs went to
13. Chicki, a welcome back after a month's absence.

So that's how 2016 and this Blog ends.....?

On On and On.. Durex


Monday, 19 December 2016

QH3 Run 925. Jingle Balls run. Tap at 76, Ashby de la Zouch

RUN #925
Date : Sunday 18th December 2016
Location: Tap at 76, Ashby de la Zouch
Hares:B*gg*r and Goblin
Weather: Bright and dry after early mist
Pack size: 17

A really good turnout for the Quorn Jingle Balls trail including two newcomers - Tim and Polly. A rare Ashby run NOT from the Plough Inn, instead a new addition on the high street, namely, 'The Tap at 76'. This outlet for the Tollgate microbrewery is an excellent addition to the Quorn H3 On Inn portfolio and certainly a place to visit if you like real ales and ciders. It was a nice touch to provide free cups of tea for the drivers.
Mercifully, Gobalot had sworn a vow of silence so as not to harm her voicebox for the afternoon's carol concert. We had a peaceful run. It was a tortuous trail around the outskirts of Ashby visiting many parts I'd not been to before. The route was well marked with nicely rounded balls of 'snow' though the bars on the first foot-bridge across a stream did cause the newcomers some confusion. Afterall, this was a trail with B*gg*er's involvement!  We were warned to watch out for several sudden changes in direction - these worked as well as any check. A trail from a microbrewery pub AND passing a cake factory - what more could you want from a trail. The pack was well spread with groups of walkers and r*nners and IP and Sweet Pea somewhere in between.
Hash mince pie by Goblin
As the committee was full of Xmas cheer no subs were collected today and, in addition to the wonderful Goblin hash mince pies and shortcake feet, pork pies were provided to soak up some of the lovely beer.
A short inside circle was convened at which the hares were thanked by the stand-in RA (Butt Plug) for an good run. Shortly before this Barritone had arrived proving you can get to Ashby de la Zouch without a car on a Sunday, albeit a bit late.

On On....to the last trail of the year on Tuesday 27th December at 11:00 am. 

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

MH3 Run 282. Masons Arms, Mickleover. Xmas trail

Masons Arms, Mickleover, Xmas 2016 (photo by NJ)

MH3 Run 282
Date: Monday 12th December 2016
Location: Masons Arms, Mickleover(DE3 0DL)
Hares: Lionel and Dobber
Weather: Mild with rain in the air
Pack size: 22

How to get a large pack - forget about good weather, just provide mince pies, free beer and lots of Christmas cheer! This was an excellent turn out for the annual MH3 Christmas trail including Nose Job and Soggy Balls from the Bull Moon Hash and Mary, a new hasher from Etwall. Beer Barbie and Ond also made a suprise return appearance.
The trail was just right for a Christmas trail, not too long and a well decorated Christmas tree in the middle of nowhere. This tree was close to the 'false' bar on the Mickleover railway trail so hashers regrouped around it to sing a few carols whilst the On On was sought. Although from Mickleover myself, I rarely get around a trail here without going badly astray. Tonight was an exception.
Hashers assembled upstairs in the Masons Arms. I never realised there was a room upstairs but then I've never gone into the Ladies here before either. Mrs Dobber provided the excellent mince pies and, in the tradition of the MH3 Xmas trail, tonight there was no circle but free beer for everyone.
Thanks to Dobber and Lionel the hares for the evening. Hashy Christmas everyone.
On On

Trail as run by Durex

Sunday, 11 December 2016

AH4 Run 66, Xmas trail, Ramblers Retreat, Dimmingsdale

The AH4 Christmas Trail, Ramblers Retreat, Dimmingsdale (photo by Totem Pole)

AH4 RUN #66
Date : Sat. 10th December 2016
Location: Ramblers Retreat, Dimmingsdale, near Alton
Hares: ASB and Mama Rose 
Weather: Dry and mild with lots of shiggy
Pack size: 13

A decent sized pack for the AH4 2016 Xmas trail set around the Churnet Valley in Staffordshire. Rain in the previous 24 hours (shame it wasn't snow) made this a very shiggy run in parts and faded the flour made checking false trails challenging. Nobody went missing and there were plenty of opportunities for shortcutters and walkers alike. The hares showed no Christmas spirit on the false trails which were long and, more often than not, uphill or downhill. At times the flour was hid like parcels under the Christmas tree. This had to be a very a good run as it included a mince pie and mulled wine stop, signed as "mpn" (mince pies near). On the trail, somewhere in the wood, we also passed a grotto with a Christmas theme, though the hares probably had nothing to do with this.

Wriggle coming down shiggy slope

Mama Rose 'n Boots - she knew what was coming

A new hash marking - "mpn" (mince pies near)

Mince pies, mulled  wine and beer were enjoyed by all

Christmas themed grotto in the wood on trail

Alas, at the Ramblers Retreat there was no room at this On Inn on account of the numerous festive diners. Instead, we moved up the road to the Alton Bridge Hotel where the hares had booked us a table. On arrival we went straight into the hash circle at which awards were made ranging from an excellent ale to water with ice cubes. First off was Totem Pole welcomed back to AH4 after a long while, as was Smutley. We also had a newcomer, an experienced hasher with dog running his first UK trail. Welcome Rabid Sheep Shagger. Wriggle and Jo were late arriving in the circle (cleaning the dog?) and Enema, Skids and Malteaser were offered sweeties by the RA to dob in sinners in the circle. Malteaser was dobbed for walking too fast on the walkers' trail. Hares Mama Rose and ASB were thanked for setting and excellent trail with mince pie stop and mulled wine. Horse's Arse was deemed to be today's FRB which left Diarrhoea as today's NODDY (Not Offered a DD Yet) and he had to drink what was left - unfortunately for him just a cold fizzy coke.

Merry Christmas Everyone and a Hashy New Year!

On On.. Durex

Sunday, 4 December 2016

QH3 Run 924. Final Whistle, Southwell

RUN #924
Date : Sunday 4th December 2016
Location: Final Whistle, Southwell
Hares:Pre-Mature and Slug
Weather: Sunshine but cool
Pack size: 13

Today we travelled to the far NE-corner of our hashing realm to Southwell, an area only used by this hash on two previous occasions. Well worth the long journey on a lovely day to run mainly virgin trails from an excellent real ale pub. The Final Whistle is a place worthy of a stop if you're ever in Southwell.
At 10:55 it looked as though this was going to be a very small pack with just the hares, relatives and friends plus Malteaser and myself. Just before the On Out Shagulater, Miss Takemenow, Butt Plug and then Sweet Pea and IP all appeared. So that gave: two hares, four r*nners (including John a virgin hasher from Cumbria), three walkers and the two true hashers that couldn't said to be r*nners but move faster than the walkers, namely, IP and Sweet Pea.
Lily the Pink pushed the pace and worked hard at the checks to ensure the pack was happy on her father's run. IP and Sweet Pea went missing pretty soon after the start, though did manage to catch up with the hare at points around the trail. Butcher's Dog and Sausage gave us all a 10 minute start having being held up by a very large convoy of Santas on motorbikes.
The hares used the principal that it was straight on unless marked otherwise which would have proved economical with the flour had it not been for all the arrows to keep the pack on track. Few checks towards the end meant FRBs Lily the Pink, Saugsage and Butcher's Dog (i.e. anyone in front of me) were able to stretch their legs. Not so Butt Plug for whom the weight of the Christmas post was beginning to take its toll.
The circle was held in the "station yard", Sweet Pea and IP providing appropriate songs when the following DDs were given:
1. IP for displaying his knees on such a cold day;
2. The hares Pre-Mature and Slug were thanked for a splendid morning out and a secret ballot gave the run a 43%;
3. Shagulater was at the hash today, much to the disappointment of the stand-in RA. On a nice day like this he should have been doing jobs in his new allotment which he expects me do all week long. He got his wee DD as he promised to go digging after the hash;
4. Puss 'n Boots, fresh from a pleasing 7-1 thrashing in Mansfield, turns up on the hash without paying or running, and stands in the circle with his hands in his pockets. So he got a DD just to see what he's missing;
5. Visiting virgin John was welcomed to the hash, he recited a Glaswegian poem for us;
6. Sweet Pea had been complaining about the cold and was going blue. She was given a cold beer to warm her up;
7. Postman Butt Plug was giving sustenance to get him through the next two weeks of Christmas post; and
8. The RA had a hunch that Malteaser would not pass all those apple trees without scrumping and rightly awarded a DD for scrumping whilst hashing.

Two weeks time is our Christmas trail. Get your Santa costumes and decorations ready - details will be on the web page www.quornh3.org.uk  (or www.quornh3.co.uk if you're Capt Oates).

On On..... Durex 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

QH3 Run 923. The Apple Tree, Compton Acres

RUN #923
Date : Monday 28th November 2016
Location: The Apple Tree, Compton Acres
Hares:Malteaser and Durex
Weather: Clear dry night with a hard frost
Pack size: 12
Lily the Pink photographed decorations
around Compton Acres. Well the cohare
 was Durex

This was the freezing cold sort of evening you probably wouldn't go for a run, unless it was a hash. Indeed, with Malteaser, I did the trail twice, setting it and sweeping it as a hare. Being a relatively short trail to lay, we did manage to get 40 mins to warm up in the pub before setting off for the second time.
The majority of the trail was off-road along dimly or poorly lit paths, with the exception of the last quarter. A torch was very necessary though some managed without one. The RA did set out torchless but finished with one. Is there no limit to the powers of our RA. She said 'let there be light' and a torch appeared from nowhere.
Wee Willy (Winkle) was running all over town, though not in his nightgown, just a kilt. He certainly ran his fair share of false trails though probably not as far as Trianal. Lily the Pink went down on the darkest bit of the trail. Was she tripped by a competative hasher? Or was she looking for more decorations to photo?
During the indoor circle the following awards were made by the RA:
1. Expecting to give a DD for the torch as lost hashing property, Chicki had to take the first DD for conjuring it up out of nowhere, it wasn't a hasher who lost it;
2. Wee Willy, a recently married returner was welcomed back;
3. Durex for competitive hashing after informing the RA that, if she keeps missing QH3 trails, by the time he is 85 he'll have done more Quorn runs than her;
4. Butt Plug, originally brought forward for more competitive hashing ("did I win trail 515?") got a hashy birthday DD;
5. Pre-Mature for the pre-run flashing of the RA;
6. Trianal for his use of a training app;
7. I was chatting to Chicki at the back of the pack and espied Malteaser doing a shortcut. "What are the chances of her leading Too Tuf astray?". "None" came the reply as Too Tuf appeared doing his own shortcut, for which he was duly awarded;
8. Malteaser took the hares DD for a trail which I could say was awarded 100% but I can't as no score was given. No sheep but interesting Christmas(?) decorations; and
9. Finally, the dregs went to Lily the Pink, not for her fall, but for taking it easy today and hence disappointing the RA who thought she was doing rather well to keep her in sight.

Next hash trail on Sunday in Southwell - see the web page for details

On On..... Durex 

Monday, 21 November 2016

QH3 Run 922. Risley Park, Risley.

RUN #922
Date : Sunday 20th November 2016
Location: Risley Park Pub, Risley
Hare:Butt Plug
Weather: Overcast but dry
Pack size: 8

Rumour has it that the RA Chicki saw storm Angus was due to hit the Midlands on Sunday morning and decided to avoid the hash trail today. I was stand-in RA and the storm went south instead.

We had a small well formed pack with three walkers, two intermediates, and two runners(?) plus the hare. Today Barritone was in the A-Team. We have had run trails in this area many times but never a route of this this shape! (see the GPS map trace below). The hare, with some recycling of the trail and some deft flour relaying, set a very clever trail that kept us guessing as to "where next?" Up on the ridge past Hopwell Hall we had a fantastic view of the Trent Valley. New on the trail was an information board about the story of the Risley Lanx .

After the night's heavy rain there was plenty of shiggy, non-moreso than on the last climb back to the On INN. I espied shortcutters IP and Sweet Pea slowly crawling up this hill from half-a-mile away and almost past them on the same spot. I say shortcutters, I think they probably did over five miles. Mine was a long trail of 7.7 miles which included a lot of checking and going back to mark the checks for a distant Barritone. 
Did the birds pass a verdict on this
trail by shitting on it a lot?

I led a small subdued indoor circle with awards going to: 

1. Barritone, today a FRB and member of the A-team;
2. B*gger who has turned up with a sick note for most runs this year;
3. Sweet Pea, a welcome back and uphill shiggy struggler - one step up two steps down;
4. The Hare, Butt Plug for an excellent and cleverly laid trail. Sweet Pea, however, did produce evidence (see photo) that the birds may have voted this a shitty trail;
5. The RA gave a DD to himself for successfully maintaining QH3's long succession of trails without rain.

On On..... Durex 

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

MH3 Run 281. Hawk and Buckle, Etwall

Supermoon over the On Inn

RUN #281
Date : Monday 14th November 2016
Location: Hawk and Buckle, Etwall
Hares:Lionel, Catflaps and Seaman Stains
Weather: Dry, mild with a supermoon
Pack size: 14

This was a hash with a lot going on. The trail was done under the light of a supermoon, the last time we may have seen it this big Lionel was only 2 years old and the other three birthday celebrants (Seaman Stains, Oriface, and Catflaps) weren't even born. With the moon at its 'perigee' it is 5% bigger than average. Although cloudy we did get several good glimpes of the full moon out on the darkness of the trail. I look forward to seeing the next one on MH3 run 497 in 2034.
We also had a newcomer to MH3 - Ernie - a hash virgin a week ago but did his first trail with QH3 eight days before and has already 'earned' a hashname. If you've got an hour to spare Gobalot will explain its origin.
Seaman Stains was still here and took the opportunity to set the r*nners trail. Whilst the many walkers strolled around the small village that is Etwall, other hashers were sent on a trip to Hilton that included a long stretch of 1.7 miles along the Mickleover cycle path. Oriface recorded a distance 5.0 miles and time of 1hr:00min:00sec - a perfect distance and time for a hash trail.
260th Birthday Cake. A candle for each celebrant
accumulating 60+65+65+70 years between them
At the On Inn we were treated to chip butties and a chocolate birthday cake, how could this be anything other than a good run! Dobber led the circle inside awarding DDs to the following:
1. Ernie, first Mickleover trail;
2. Trianal, shoes still glowing, today's FRB;
3. Oriface, NOT complaining?;
4. Three that usually do well to avoid the hash, Louise, Slapper and Miss Frequently;
5. Gobalot took one for her 41st wedding anniversary, Oriface having treated her to a night out with chip butties.

The hares were thanked for setting the trail and Seaman Stains and Miss Frequently wished well for their removal to Devon.

On On..... Durex 

Sunday, 6 November 2016

QH3 Run 921. Plough Inn, Ashby de la Zouch

RUN #921
Date : Sunday 6th November 2016
Location: Plough Inn, Ashby de la Zouch
Hares:B*gger and Goblin
Weather: Cold and overcast, rain at 12:10
Pack size: 15

Goblin and B*gger stepped in at short notice to set this trail, the latter with a doctor's note to say he couldn't run. There was a good sized pack including newcomer and hash virgin Mark.
Shagulater was showing of his recently gained tan by turning up in shorts (not Bermuda ones) and shirt and found he had to run round the trail to keep warm. B*gger was left to look after walkers (Malteaser, Miss Takemenow and Wallington) whilst Goblin had the more arduous task of looking after the r*nners. Newcomer and orienteer Mark soon learnt that the object of hashing is not to get from A to B directly, just to Get to the Pub Sooner (GPS). FRBs and walkers just about got back to the On Inn as it started to rain. Your scribe being one of them I can officially record this as a dry run maintaining the RA's incredible feat of weather control.
At the On Inn, Mark was quick to volunteer to the pub landlord to go and get some milk for the tea drinkers and hence returned to a chorus of 'Ernie the fastest milkman...'. A hash naming on his first run was then a certainty.
Unlike the Ashbourne hash yesterday where the RA made everyone go out into the cold for the circle, the soft QH3 RA led a circle inside. Awards were given to:

In hashing circles you will be known
as 'Ernie'
1. A somewhat off colour Sauasge  for being seen going the wrong way on a one way street;
2. Oriface was not given his 100x timer mug which the RA HAD been carrying around for many months, instead he had to settle for a beer;
3. Gobalot for loosing her voice and not calling;
4. Too Tuf, one of the last to get back and hence did get wet in the rain;
5. Mark the hash virgin got a welcome drink plus the hashname of Ernie;
6. The hares Goblin and B*gger were thanked for setting the trail and awarded 44.4%. A special appreciation was given for the brunette sheep seen on trail. A good run verdict is always ensured when bribed with those lovely shortcake feet!;
7. Shagulater wearing pink trousers, was welcomed back from his Bermuda flying vacation; and finally,
8. Durex, not in the A-team this week on account of a bad back, had said shopping did not help his condition so Malteaser must take some of the blame.

On On..... Durex 

Saturday, 5 November 2016

AH4 Run 65. Old Dog, Thorpe, near Ashbourne

AH4 RUN #65
Date : Sat. 5th November 2016
Location: Old Dog, Thorpe
Hares: ASB and Hash Puppy  
Weather: Sunny but with biting cold wind
Pack size: 10

For today's trail we returned to the Old Dog Inn in Thorpe, except it was called the Dog and Partridge when we were here last. That was on 3rd January 2011 (AH4 Run 16, ASB and Mama Rose hares). They've done a really great job revitalising and renovating this pub - excellent real ales, very friendly and courteous staff  and good food. I must include this in my itinary next time I'm on the Tissington Trail which runs close by.
Surprisingly we didn't touch the Tissington trail today, the hares (ASB and Hash Puppy) uncharacteristically choosing a less level route heading out towards Dovedale. R*nners (though there wasn't a lot of that today) were compulsorily sent over the top of the 'mountain' that is Thorpe Cloud, whilst walkers were given the option of going around it. I choose the latter but Malteaser choose to go up and over. The hare did confess to me that no flour was to be found on Thorpe Cloud itself, and the sheep could readily take the blame for this! One Loose was the first 'r*nner' to arrive at the famous Dovedale stepping stones, surprising followed closely by a walking Malteaser. Road Kill, Wriggle, MK3 hasher Enema and Joanna arrived sometime after, all hashers choosing to ignore the bar on the first stepping stone. 
We had the unusual occurrence of seeing Blitzen (and child) on the trail having arrived at this popular tourist spot mainly by car. The only one missing was the Co-hare (Hash Puppy) who sensibly chose to look after the car rather than do the trail twice. The fish hook was obediently observed by four rather than three as instructed, probably on account of the fact that the hare was at the back of the pack only about 20 metres down the hill.
..that mountain there!
ON Up, Up, Up......
Bar? What Bar? Wriggle and Road Kill on the famous Dovedale stepping stones.

As is a custom with the AH4, the majority choose to have lunch at the ON INN and the circle had to wait. When the circle did get going we left the warmth of the pub for the large barn area which doubled up as a cycle shed. Awards were given to:
1. Malteaser (hashy birthday);
2. Enema and Joanna, a welcome back from Milton Keynes and a virgin hasher/visitor respectively;
3. One Loose, today's keenest checker (the other Road Kill had already gone home);
4. Blitzen for a rare appearance well into the hash trail;
5. I thought Enema and Joanna were friends but it didn't stop Enema dobbing in Joanna for lost property, resulting in Joanna getting a second DD; and
6. The hares ASB and Hash Puppy were thanked for a lovely trail.  

Today reminded me why the AH4 is a special hash with its trails set in the wonderful scenery of the Peak District and the care taken to accommodate walkers as part of the pack. I was able to appreciate this today during what was for myself a rare walking of a hash trail. 
There'll be a Christmas trail in December (probably Saturday 10th December) so we hope to see many more of our 'members' next month!

On On.. Durex

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

QH3 Run 920. Meadow Covert, Edwalton

RUN #920
Date : Monday 31st October 2016
Location: Meadow Covert, Edwalton
Hares:Too Tuf and Chicki
Weather: Dry and mild
Pack size: 7

With no red dress run this year we had the minor celebration of Halloween, well at least Butt Plug and Durex did by coming dressed for the occasion. However, our small group of seven was somewhat outnumbered by the hoards of witches, vampires and zombies roaming the streets of Edwalton.

Hares Too Tuf and Chicki stepped in at the last moment to set this trail and despite being laid a day-and-a-half beforehand the flour was mostly still intact. A strained back meant I was forced to seek a shorter route. I probably saw more of Trianal than I usually do on a trail as well selected shortcuts usually meant I arrived at most points around the trail about the same time as Trianal. Usually chased by Butcher's Dog going slower than usual as she was still recovering from a twisted ankle.

The On Inn was well decked for Halloween so I felt quite at home whilst waiting for the pack to arrive. Unusually for QH3, more than half those present had solids which delayed the start of the circle. No rest for the hares with Too Tuf as stand-in Beermaster to fetch the beer and Chicki doing her usual duties as RA. Awards were given:
1. Smutley for having 'a crack in front';
2. Trianal for his pre-hash warm-up;
3. Durex and Butt Plug for taking the trouble to dress up for Halloween; and finally
4. The hares were thanked for setting the trail and awarded a score of forty-six and a turd percent as it passed a sewerage works.

There was little to announce as we have no hares for next Sunday's trail. All those present had good reasons for not volunteering. No hare, no trail next Sunday?!

On On..... Durex 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

MH3 Run 280. Bluebell Inn, Melbourne

A sign of things to come? Mobility scooters parked outside the On Inn

MH3 Run 280
Date: Monday 17th October 2016
Location: Bluebell Inn, Melbourne
Hares: Gobalot and Oriface
Weather: Clear skies with nr. full moon
Pack size: 10

The question I had before this trail was "could the hares, freshly back from their USA adventures, find a sufficiently long trail around the small town of Melbourne without resorting to night-time manoeuvers in the dark countryside?" Yes they could, and a fine trail it was. Even with a temporary fairground occupying part of the town, sufficient pathways were found including a stretch along the disused railway. Torches were certainly needed as 75% was along unlit paths/roads but no shiggy fields or the need to disturb sleeping cattle or sheep.
The pack split in two from the start with walkers Dobber and Catflaps setting a casual pace at the back and r*nners Wriggle, Ballcrusher, Artless Dodger and myself trying to keep Trianal in sight. Seaman Stains defies classification, although walking, was seen checking at the front of the pack on several occasions. The hares popped up at random points around the trail just to make sure I was checking for bars at the end of every false trail. Just look at all those false trails I did on the GPS map link below!
Alas the fairground was closing down as we arrived back in town - no rides on the Helter-Skelter this time.

In the circle RA Dobber made the following awards: 
1. Seaman Stains for walking around faster than many of the pack. Rumour has it that he is fitted with a transponder. Maybe his final MH3 hash?
2. Ballcrusher was seen appearing through hedges like a badger - hedge hunter.
3. Trianal got his usual DD for being all over the place though for once on the right trail, just too far out in front to be seen or heard.
4. Catflaps for leading Dobber astray. And I thought you just had to follow flour.
5. Hares Gobalot and Oriface were thanked for a good trail.

On On ..Durex

Trail as done by Durex

Sunday, 16 October 2016

QH3 Run 919. Duke of York, Lichfield (Joint trail with Bull Moon H3)

RUN #919
Date : SATURDAY 15th October 2016
Location: Duke of York, Lichfield
Hares: Durex and Soggy Balls
Weather: Lovely autumnal sunshine (again!)
Pack size: 16

What a grand day out our joint trail in Lichfield with the Bull Moon H3 turned out to be. Our RA did us proud with yet another dry sunny run.

Lichfield is a lovely little city and we can't believe we've never visited it before even though we live just 25 minutes up the A38. I can even forgive them for claiming Lichfield rather than Solihull was the birth place of Dr Johnson.

The Duke of York was an excellent On Inn, a friendly pub with excellent ales, plenty of room and real pub food snacks such as pork pies and scotch eggs. Worth a visit if you are in Lichfield.

The Bull Moon Hash celebrates full moons with a hash trail, fittingly done this month in Lichfield at a weekend when the Lunar Society were also meeting in Lichfield with a conference celebrating 250 years of the society.  Lunarticks (as they were known) have had many famous members from the scientific community including Erasmus Darwin, Josiah Wedgewood, Joseph Priestly and James Watt. They've just been going for a bit longer than the Bull Moon H3.

A reasonable sized pack, half-and-half Quorn and Bull Moon (depending how Wriggle wanted to be classified), set off just after noon on a promised 5.3 mile trail. After just over a mile with the pack still together the SRBs led by a limping B*gger were offered the option of a shortcut. This was readily taken by a majority of the Bull Moon H3. This left Ballcrusher, Goblin and Malteaser (the 'C-Team') to do most of the checking.

Hash hound Freya showed the fishmen how not to catch fish by jumping into the fishing ponds. Being in Staffordshire there were no sheep or cows to entertain us, just a couple of horses.

Just over two-thirds around the trail was a beer stop courtesy of Soggy Balls. The walkers arrived here well before opening time but it was a most welcome drink on a warm sunny day.

In the Duke of York we had a room to ourselves, which is probably just as well with Quorn RA Chicki trying out a full range of DD songs. Distracted by a large pork pie and hash chips I forgot to make any notes about the circle led by Stretch and Chicki. This is what I remember... though no necessarily in this order.

Hares Durex and Soggy Balls were given seperate DDs and thanked for a good trail. The former was smiling as nobody had been lost, the latter was under the supervision of his parents. Malteaser received two awards, one for not seeing a check she was standing right next to and for being overheard mentioning she could no longer fit into her waterproof trousers. This was Skid's 200th QH3 trail and she had come a long way to participate. Coach was selected as the token Bull Moon walker accompanied by hash virgin Jan (?). Nose Job was thanked for his lack of control of the said hash hound at the fishing ponds and Mad Max for showing such great appreciation of strawberry flavoured water at the drinks stop. Too Tuf's roll of honour as a Down Down champion was recited following his recently added accolade as Madrid Hash DD champion. Ballcrusher did a lot of checking today but was only remembered for the one on which he turned back on the correct trail. Well that kept the pack together allowing Stretch and Nose Job walking at the back to keep up. Then finally there was Wriggle, promiscuous regarding the hashes she associates with, mingling with many but unable to decide as to which one she belongs to.

These joint trails are always great fun. Let's have more!
On On..... Durex 

Monday, 3 October 2016

QH3 Run 918. Great Hucklow Bunkhouse weekend

RUN #918
Date : Sunday 2nd October 2016
Location: Foundary Adventure Centre, Great Hucklow
Hare: Butcher's Dog
Weather: Lovely autumnal sunshine
Pack size: 30

This Sunday's trail was the end-point of our bunkhouse weekend in the Peak District. Friday night had seen the "back-to-school" assignments followed by a long 10 - 12 mile walk on Saturday (Gt Hucklow-Foolow-Longstone Moor-Coombs Dale-Stoney Middleton-Eyam-Foolow-Gt Hucklow). Saturday was party night (see the QH3 Facebook page for photos!) so all but one of the registrants were grateful not to be the hare for Sunday morning. The weather on Saturday had exceeded all expectations remaining dry all day whilst Nottingham was hit by heavy thundery downpours. Sunday was even better with blue skies and lovely autumnal sunshine, our RA Chicki can do no wrong at the moment.
Hare Butcher's Dog was out before most got up for breakfast. During the setting she met the unhappy farmer who bore a grudge against any groups or runners using a public path across his land, though the Tweeny incident of 3-4 years ago obviously hadn't helped.
Much of the first half-mile was down hill which may have accounted for Captain
A nice way to spend a Sunday morning - hashing
in the Peak District (photo by Lily the Pink)
being at the front. Nice to be running with a larger than usual pack, our ranks swelled by seven hashers from Norfolk who had joined us for the weekend. After a few checks the usual FRBs became established, namely, Sausage, Lily the Pink, Puss in Boots and Trianal with myself also present to report on anything of note. By the time we got to Bradwell the pack was well spread, even with the walkers being shepherded off before this point. Out of Bradwell it was useful having a holding check so everyone could regroup and walk through the field with cows and calves. 

The public footpaths of Stanlow Dale are poorly marked and differ in several places from what the maps show. After the encounter with angry farmer the hare obviously opted for the cautious approach and took us back along the well established tracks and road.
A comfortable circle was held in the lounge of the Adventure Centre, the beer master taking the opportunity to use up what drinks were left, mainly mild and dandelion and burdock, both sometimes supplemented with cream. Awards were as follows:
(1) Wallington - for strapped wrists;
(2) Slug - champion snorer;
(3) B*gger - many sporting socks have "L" and "R" written on them and B*gger still got it wrong;
(4) Twonk - organising Nash Hash 2017;
(5) Yogi - not realising that QH3 can't count past 3 so we call On-On not "three";
(6) Goblin - chef for the weekend. Round of applause for excellent food;
(7) Trianal - after yesterday's 12-mile stroll he warmed up for today's trail with a 4-mile run yesterday evening;
(8) Butcher's Dog was awarded a good run accolade achieving a higher than average of 48.2% though Barritone complained there were no brunette sheep;
(9) Basset was dobbed in by Smutley as a sinner though I missed what for as I went out the room to get another drink;
(10) Shagulater dobbed himself in for using skin cream rather than toothpaste whilst standing next to Sausage who he thought was Captain Oates;
(11) B*gger failed to workout how to lock the key in the keysafe but had fortunately failed to locked the door as he was one of the last back from the trail; and
(12) Durex for snitching on the RA's dog and Too Tuf's contribution to the Tweeny incident from many years ago.

Thanks to all who made it a wonderful weekend especially to our guests from Norfolk who add something of the exotic to the event.

On On..... Durex