Monday, 6 April 2015

QH3 Run 864/AH4 Run 59. Holly Bush Inn, Makeney

QH3 RUN #864/AH4#59
Date : Saturday 4th April 2015 (11:00)
Location: Holly Bush Inn, Makeney (DE56 0RX)
Hares: Malteaser, Skids and Durex
Weather: Overcast but dry
Pack size: 15

After a week with lots of rain this was a hash trail of great shigginess run in mild conditions with the sun making an appearance towards the end. Being a joint run between QH3 and AH4 there were three hares - Malteaser, Skids and Durex. The latter hare started the pack off from the Holly Bush whilst the others were still away laying Easter eggs and the trail. 
Much of the trail was done in ankle deep mud
B*gger got the first handful of checks right, but, as usual, Horse's Arse and Crooked Squire were frequently seen returning back from false trails. After less than a mile an Easter Egg check brought the pack together. Some 20 small Easter eggs had been hidden away, most were found and eaten though Goblin carefully carried her eggs around the trail. Too Tuf did much better in the egg hunt this year so Chicki was happy.
Barritone doing the water crossing
Not for the first time this month, a hash in this area attracted the attention of dog walkers (see link). I do have sympathy with dog walkers being concerned about a white powder. We do tend to lay flour at lamp posts and trees where dogs usually deposit a far more toxic substance. But is it beyond their intelligence to work out that the flour is marking a trail for people to follow? Sad to think some are so paranoid to believe someone has laid a five mile trail of dog poison, carefully arranged as a circles in some places. 
B*gger doing some off trail activity

 Skids and Malteaser were spotted going around the trail by car when the pack arrived at the long/short split. Wallington and Chicki took the shorter option and so missed the long stretches of ankle deep shiggy. As this was also an Ashbourne trail the hares made sure there was at least one fish hook which Horse's Arse and Jelly Knob respected though Crooked Squire waited for the hare to arrive at the fish hook rather than running all the way to the back of the pack.
Goblin's feet
It was a busy but pleasant pub for the On Inn with an excellent selection of beers and pub snacks. Goblin provided us all with shortcake hash feet. Too Tuf led the circle awarding DDs to:
1. Bummer for leaving a big impression in the mud (big foot);
2. Durex - slave to technology, his GPS telling him when to walk or run;
3. Lightening Rod, for the need to always to check false trails with a friend;
4. Newcomer to the Quorn/Ashbourne hashes K2 (who drove here when it would have been shorter to walk) and Horse's Arse who came on his bike - eco-warriors;
5. Goblin (who had already done the park run with B*gger earlier in the day) was thanked for the shortcake feet;
6. Crooked Squire for his reluctance to run out the fish hook;
7. Barritone for his performance in traversing the worst of the shiggy; 
8. Jelly Knob who ran the trail after a foot operation, fortunately it wasn't an open festering sore; and
9. After a secret ballot, the hares - Durex, Malteaser and Skids - were thanks for a good run awarded something under 50%.

On On....Durex

Trail as done by Bugger

QH3 Run 863. Robin Hood and Little John, Arnold

RUN #863
Date : Monday 30th March 2015 (19:40)
Location: Robin Hood and Little John, Arnold (NG5 8FD)
Hare: Too Tuf
Weather: Raining and wet
Pack size: 9

This was the first hash of the year running to British Summer Time - were we going to get an evening run in daylight? The short answer was no. Apart from it being very wet and dull, the first miserable weather of Butt Plug's RAship, we didn't get going until 19:40 waiting for the GM to find the pub. As a result the bits off-road the hare had expected to run in the light were done in darkness, and nobody had a torch.
It was an excellent hash pub, indeed Nottingham Camra pub of the year for 2015. Though with no car park, and little information provided as to where to park, the walk from car parking to the pub turned out to be a high percentage of the distance covered by today's trail, a mere 3.2 miles. An early entry for the wettest and shortest trail of the year.
A memorable moment of the trail was when Captain Oates, with only the light from his water bottle to guide him, tripped over the curb and went flying. The end of the trail came too soon, I went off on a diversion and Malteaser refused to believe the last 300 m of the trail went where it did straight back to the On Inn.
Butt Plug led an indoor circle with the first DD going to B*gger for arriving late and not turning up in his new car. Captain Oates with his 'water bottle' torch was criticised for not leading the hash around in the dark and his 'mischeck' was noted. Smutley off-loaded his large bunch of keys ('fobber') to Chicki who was gullible enough to accept this responsibility ('bunch cradler'). Both got a DD. Malteaser was punished for not listening to advice at the end of the trail.
Noted features of this trail, apart from being a CAMRA pub of the year, were a Baker Crescent and what was believed to be predominantly virgin hash trail. I don't remember the hare being awarded hash shit so I guess it must have been about 42%, Too Tuf got a DD consumed in his customary slow manner.

That's the way I saw it...On On ...Durex

Trail as done by Durex
(actual hash trail only 3.2 miles!)