Wednesday, 26 February 2014

QH3 Run 824. Hop Pole, Beeston

RUN #824
Date: Monday 24th February 2014
Location: Hop Pole, Beeston
Hares: Rasher and Eager Beaver
Weather: Dry and dark
Pack size: 15 

The first challenge of this hash was to park the car in the building site which is Beeston. With the tram line passing the Hop Pole's front door we were advised to park in the public car park in the town centre opposite the Last Post. The jog to the pub added another 8 minutes to the hash trail, a significant effort for many of the hashers. Getting back from my shortened trail, 35 mins before everyone else, I did actually move the car into the pub's car park. Really quite easy if you approached the pub from the west and followed a dedicated road sign that said "access to the Hop Pole only". Directional instructions that were obviously too challenging for the majority of hashers who arrived by car.

It was a welcome back for hares (Rasher and Eager Beaver) for their first hash in more than a year. They obviously hadn't forgotten how to set a good trail and were awarded a standard 42% in the trail discussion. Captain Oates (or should that now be SCROates?) and the Artless Dodger arrived late but the checks worked well and they were soon able to catch the pack despite the former's lack of a torch to guide his way. There was a rumour that his water bottle did glow in the dark. Swings both ways, also a welcome back after more than two years absence, didn't have a torch either and shadowed Malteaser for much of the trail. Easily done without much effort.

We witnessed a miracle, or was it just the effects of the National Camra beer festival Barritone attended last week? A week ago (see Run #823) we reported Barritone's substantial knee injuries. Today he was up there leading the pack. He drank lots of beer during the week and I didn't, and I'm still unable to run. We must do more controlled experiments into this curative effect of beer.

There was a competitive element to this trail. Diarrhoea was observed casually walking around the first bit but was then seen steaming along at the end and was heard to utter those most heinous words "I won". Captain Oates was also out to break new records, the vinyl sort. For some reason old vinyl LPs have now become part of the Beer Master's equipment.

Too Tuf was appointed RA for the evening, obviously too late to have a detrimental effect on the weather. DDs were awarded for above mentioned sins. Eager Beaver received a lot of abuse from the RA who, during the course of the circle, compared her to a younger Bruce Forsyth and Jamie Lee Curtis (nothing wrong with that!). When a lookie-likie had to be nominated to take the co-hares DD, Butcher's Dog suggested hash hound Freya with glasses, but the obvious choice was Chicki.

Rasher and Eager Beaver were thanked for a good Monday night trail.

and that's the way I saw it (or others reported it) .....

Garmin GPS Map
Trail as done by Bugger

Monday, 17 February 2014

QH3 Run 823. Lord Nelson, Sneinton

Date: Sunday 16th February 2014
Location: Lord Nelson, Sneinton
Hare: Diarrhoea
Weather: Sunny
Pack size: 15

Green's Mill, Sneinton. The trail went
into this working mill, the sourse of the
flour for the trail.
This was two hashes for the price of one! It took us around most of the sights/sites of Nottingham with the FRBs doing the 'Eagle' trail recording almost 8 miles. Even the 'Turkey' trail was 4+ miles and that was with significant short cuts. It was certainly a hash with many points of interest. The first was that the trail went into and up the Sneinton Windmill. The hare actually used flour from the mill to set the trail, several sacks must have been required. Talia (aged 8 yrs) patiently waited for a responsible adult to take her into the windmill as the entire pack went past. The climb down all those ladders left us a long way at the back so we only had Barritone with his poorly knees to accompany us on the  'Turkey' trail. Perhaps this was the first time the QH3 has had turkey and eagle trails laid.

The eagles soared off into Colwick woods leaving myself and Talia checking out all the false trails ahead of the main pack. It was interesting to see the location of the shooting range in a disused railway tunnel though the shooters must have got fed up of people asking for 'Cat' and saying Diarrhoea had sent us. This was not the promised visitor attraction. 

The trail went past Stonebridge City Farm
More than 1 hr into the trail the hounds had still not overtaken us so we went off the play on the swings. Slack Bladder then appeared leading a well-spread pack, some of whom joined in using the play ground apparatus only to be disrupted by Captain Oates (see later). The next point of interest was Stonebridge City Farm, the hare ensuring we had no complaints about this being an urban run. Alas the child I was minding was more bothered about aching feet than the farm animals and, with still no beer stop in sight, we selected the shortest route back to the Lord Nelson from the Nottingham Arena.

Meanwhile, the pack was still running around the centre of Nottingham and up to the Castle where 'Cat' had gone off to lunch so the hash never found out about the arrangements Diarrhoea had made. 

Bugger led the circle in the beer garden. DDs were given to Durex (Sochi type Russian hat); Malteaser and Skids (for deciding after 6 miles it was time to shortcut home); Horse's Arse (for being a FRB and not always being heard by the rest of the pack); Chicki (found her way around a long hash but couldn't find her way out of the pub); Barritone (for putting on his knee bandage whilst looking in a mirror). The hash Beer Master Captain Oates had ordered 4 pts of 'Tripe' for the DDs, he didn't get one for that. His DD was for being a naughty boy and 'tossing' two hashers off (the roundabouts) in the playground.

Andrew on his third trail was named Ivor Bush, though it will probably never be remembered how this was arrived at. It started with something to do with having or not having a beard, touched on Tan genitals and somehow Kate Bush came into the naming discussion. Diarrohea was thanked for a memorable hash...

and that's the way I saw it.....

Garmin GPS Map
Turkey Trail as done by Talia
Eagle Trail as done by Bugger

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

MH3 Run 248. The Railway, Sawley

Date: Monday 10th February 2014
Location: The Railway, Sawley (NG10 3AP)
Hare: B*gger
Weather: Dry after showers, getting colder
Pack size: about 16 

Another winter hash trail were we have been lucky to avoid the rain. Dobber was reported as moving slowly along the M1, a bit like his hashing then. Lionel sent the pack on its way, though there was some debate as to the run number (see later). I have no GPS map of this trail, I'd rather that there be no record of my speed or direction. Only to say I tucked in at the back of the pack limping around and following a route that did have flour about 42% of the time. The pack came past on at least one occasion. Captain Oates, a little lost, was seen more frequently. He really should replace that water bottle with a torch. With B*gger as hare I'm sure it was a well constructed hash trail but no river crossings reported.

Dobber made it for the second part of the hash, drinks at The Railway Inn where there was a good selection of ales. It was unusual to have a Mickleover Hash with Dobber not leading the circle. I took this opportunity to make sure he was awarded a DD accompanied by Chicki (all GMs drink together). Other DDs were given to Oriface (allegedly the 'winner'); Malteaser (last back despite setting a cracking pace most of the way around); Too Tuf (supervisory checking); Captain Oates (living up to his name); Seaman Staines (competitive walking) and of course the hare, B*gger for a good run.

Dobber confirmed this was run number 248. Mental note made to give the QH3 webmaster (Barritone) a DD for advertising the wrong MH3 run number or, even more so, for Diarrohea who recognised this error.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

AH4 Run 48. Mundy Arms, Mackworth

Date: Saturday 8th February 2014
Location: Mundy Arms, Mackworth
Hare: Durex
Weather: Sunny with a lot of wind
Pack size: about 16 

My third trail as hare in as many weeks, all set during one of our wettest winters ever. Rain what rain? Good RA or just lucky? I refrain from saying it was not wet, because underfoot it certainly was. Yet another storm overnight left the fields waterlogged. This trail was actually Plan B. I cut out four miles of cross country shiggy and water-wading leaving only the final mile to test the hash's resilience and foot-ware. Instead, the trail for the first four miles weaved its way around the suburbs of Mackworth and Mickleover. No pink concessions from me for our Valentine Hash (pink is banished from my wardrobe) but I did mark checks using hearts rather than circles.

Bugger led the circle that included a hashy birthday for Wriggle, and DDs for
Hashy birthday Wriggle
born again virgins (first Ashbourne Hash) for Goblin and visitor Enema. It came to our attention that once again a cynical member of the public had complained about "anti-dog" powder, Road Kill gave a statement to the Police. Diarrohea got a DD for NOT wearing any pink. Smutley was rewarded for arriving late and doing some curb crawling involving Moist. The GM (Horse's Arse) was also punished for calling ON up a false trail. Thoughts turned to naming Rosie on her second hash but an increasingly cold wind and food on the table meant the circle was brought to a conclusion.The hare was thanked for a good run, exception being that there were no real river crossings - guess who led that complaint!

and that's the way I saw it.....


Link to Ashbourne News Telegraph Report
Garmin GPS Map
Trail as set by Durex

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

..and here are the results of the 2013 QH3 awards

2013 Awards

The 2013 QH3 Awards Night was held at the Test Match, W Bridgford on Saturday 1st February 2014. The evening was organized by GM Chicki assisted by Too Tuf and Bugger.

A summary of the awards can be downloaded here. Congratulations to Captain Oates who, as 'Hasher of the Year', now has something really useful to add to his CV.

Monday, 3 February 2014

QH3 Run 822. Rose & Crown, Cotgrave

Date: Sunday 2nd February 2014
Hare: Butt Plug
Weather: Sunny
Pack size: 20 

Already into February and prolific 'Hare of 2013' Butt Plug finally got around to
Mud, glorious mud!
setting his first trail of 2014, and we weren't disappointed. A lovely sunny day and an excellent trail with plenty of mud and more mud. We also had a good-sized pack kept together by numerous devious checks. Even the very latecomers managed to catch the pack, including Captain Oates with an inflatable Zimmer frame (why??). I wonder what it was that made Captain Oates late - he did give Chicki and Too Tuf a lift to the hash.

A rare appearance by RA Shagulater meant he led the circle during which Louise on her 3rd trail received the name 'Slack Bladder'. The RA literally had to fly and left the circle early. Matters were brought to a close by Bugger.. 

and that's the way I saw it.....

Captain Oates with Zimmer frame
Welcome to the Quorn Hash 'Slack Bladder'

Garmin GPS Map
Trail as done by Durex

Smutley spots an opportunity to short cut