Tuesday, 21 August 2012

QH3 Run 769.The Organ Grinder, Canning Circus, Nottingham. 20/08/2012

The Organ Grinder, Canning Circus, Nottingham
Venue: The Organ Grinder.
Hares: Too Tuf & Chicki

As a big crowd of Quorn Hashers went off to the Norfolk 1500th celebration at the weekend this was a run moved from the 3rd Sunday of the month to the following Monday. An unprecedented third missed local hash in a row for me due to the fact I had to go home to look after my invalid wife.

I record this on the blog to maintain the record of runs for the year. Any comments on the run welcome!

MH3 Run 230, Plank & Leggit, Sawley. 13/08/2012

Hare: Butcher's Dog
Venue: Plank & Leggit, Sawley.

This was a hash I planned on attending but a 36 hour journey from Brisbane to home the day before left me a bit tired. I add it to the Blogg for completeness of the year's hashing events. Comments on the hash if you have them are welcome!

QH3 Run 768, Curzon Arms, Woodhouse Eaves. 05/08/2012

Curzon Arms, Woodhouse Eaves
This was a hash I did not do having the reasonable excuse of being the other side of the world at the time. Bugger stepped in as hare at the last moment as the scheduled hare (Wallington) had a family bereavement. Wallington had actually (by mistake!) laid a trail the week before and I understand Bugger did a modified version.
Butt Plug was appointed RA but as it was raining it was felt Too Tuf should also be held responsible.
When questioned about the run my informer mentioned there was an ice cream stop so that's all I have to report about the run. 
Down downs were awarded:
1. Malteaser for leaving her flap open.
2. Chicki for not being good at going down.
3. Sticky Knickers for peeping tom - watching Butt Plug change.
4. Some noted welcome backs, Premature, Up-the-Duff and Josh. The latter making his 2nd appearance in two years, both on the rare occasions when I have missed a Quorn hash. I wont take it personally.
5. Bugger for a good run.
Josh, Up-the-Duff and Premature - welcome back!