Tuesday, 29 November 2016

QH3 Run 923. The Apple Tree, Compton Acres

RUN #923
Date : Monday 28th November 2016
Location: The Apple Tree, Compton Acres
Hares:Malteaser and Durex
Weather: Clear dry night with a hard frost
Pack size: 12
Lily the Pink photographed decorations
around Compton Acres. Well the cohare
 was Durex

This was the freezing cold sort of evening you probably wouldn't go for a run, unless it was a hash. Indeed, with Malteaser, I did the trail twice, setting it and sweeping it as a hare. Being a relatively short trail to lay, we did manage to get 40 mins to warm up in the pub before setting off for the second time.
The majority of the trail was off-road along dimly or poorly lit paths, with the exception of the last quarter. A torch was very necessary though some managed without one. The RA did set out torchless but finished with one. Is there no limit to the powers of our RA. She said 'let there be light' and a torch appeared from nowhere.
Wee Willy (Winkle) was running all over town, though not in his nightgown, just a kilt. He certainly ran his fair share of false trails though probably not as far as Trianal. Lily the Pink went down on the darkest bit of the trail. Was she tripped by a competative hasher? Or was she looking for more decorations to photo?
During the indoor circle the following awards were made by the RA:
1. Expecting to give a DD for the torch as lost hashing property, Chicki had to take the first DD for conjuring it up out of nowhere, it wasn't a hasher who lost it;
2. Wee Willy, a recently married returner was welcomed back;
3. Durex for competitive hashing after informing the RA that, if she keeps missing QH3 trails, by the time he is 85 he'll have done more Quorn runs than her;
4. Butt Plug, originally brought forward for more competitive hashing ("did I win trail 515?") got a hashy birthday DD;
5. Pre-Mature for the pre-run flashing of the RA;
6. Trianal for his use of a training app;
7. I was chatting to Chicki at the back of the pack and espied Malteaser doing a shortcut. "What are the chances of her leading Too Tuf astray?". "None" came the reply as Too Tuf appeared doing his own shortcut, for which he was duly awarded;
8. Malteaser took the hares DD for a trail which I could say was awarded 100% but I can't as no score was given. No sheep but interesting Christmas(?) decorations; and
9. Finally, the dregs went to Lily the Pink, not for her fall, but for taking it easy today and hence disappointing the RA who thought she was doing rather well to keep her in sight.

Next hash trail on Sunday in Southwell - see the web page for details

On On..... Durex 

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