Sunday, 27 May 2012

QH3 Run 760. The Bluebell, Attenborough. 20/05/2012

A 2nd missed hash this year but spies have informed me of what went on. Attenborough is a popular trail setting area for the Hare Barritone and this was the 3rd time in a month we've been treated to a run from a pub called the Bluebell. Except it wasn't blue, more like bright orange. That was Malteaser's excuse for being late - she drove past the pub expecting it to be coloured blue. Curate IP was made RA for the day, so obviously the weather was good otherwise Too Tuf would have been the RA.
It's a check Sweat Pea!
The hounds were treated to a "VP" on this run with flour thoughtfully being laid to a bird hide. Not that the hash benefitted much - Sweet Pea, those big white birds are swans, not storks. And not a sheep to be seen. I'm gutted to have also missed an ice cream stop.
Former hash regular BLOW! made a welcome back appearance, as did Silent Pants who dropped in just to say hi, but not to run. No GPS trail plan this week but Malteaser assures me she ran at least 4.2 miles. The hare was awarded a beer so it must have been a good run, I can never remember Barritone setting a bad one!

Welcome back BLOW!
Hi Silent Pants..nice of you to drop in

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

MH3 Run 227. Bell & Harp, Coxbench. 14/05/2012

HaresRectal Probe & Dover Sole
Venue: Bell & Harp, Coxbench
Weather: Heavy showers with sunny bits, dry for most of the run.

Hash Trail: 6.6 miles as done by Durex. Ambitious figure of eight given the rain had washed away much of the flour. Hare kept busy keeping up with hounds in order to direct them down the checks and relay flour. Too flat and not enough sheep.

A good crowd, probably the largest pack of the year so far, assembled for the start of the trail, obviously not put off  by the encircling heavy showers. We discovered today that there was also a "hash" now running from The Boot in Repton, three of their members joined us for this run.

Any run in this area usually involves a steep climb for the first 10 minutes, this trail was no exception. Flour was a bit washed out in parts but thanks to the effort of Rectal Probe the pack kept more or less on trail. Fifteen minutes into the trail I noticed Malteaser was missing in action. I returned to look for her to find she'd managed to go off trail after a particularly difficult check. Knowing the area well I was able to direct her on a good short cut straight down the road to the Bridge Inn while I of course stuck to the correct trail. Another uphill stretch onto Duffieldbank enabled me to catch up with most of the pack. On the top we reached the middle bit of this figure of eight trail, although this fact wasn't known to us at this point, and the hare was lucky to catch and stop most of the hounds returning back along the bottom part of the "8". Instead, we had a further loop up to Holbrook before returning back up onto the ridge and completing the figure of eight. We were joined by Too Tuf and Chicki at this midpoint and they wisely passed on doing the extra loop.

Butcher's Dog, Eunuch and myself led the pack back in - good to have the "A" team back checking together again. We filled a room in the pub where we had an indoor circle led by the Mickleover GM Dobber. The hares were thanked for a good run!

o O o

Monday, 7 May 2012

QH3 Run 759. Robin Hood, Lambley. 06/05/2012

The Robin Hood, Lambley
This was the third hash in a week held during the East Midlands wettest ever drought, yet it was a dry run for the third time in a row. Such is the power of our weather control. Butt Plug was the hare and at 11:00 am there were just five hashers and a dog, two of whom were walkers. Since his appointment to RA Rasher has not made a hash, the only curate present was also a hare, so one of the choir boys was nominated by the GM as stand-in, reserve, temporary RA (Durex), and the weather just got even better.
Bugger checking top of pole for flour
With so few hashers checking was hard work shared between Diarrohea, Durex and Malteaser. Wallington and Skids were just casually strolling along at the back. After about a mile reinforcement began to arrive in the form of Goblin, Bugger, Too Tuf and Chicki. They thought they'd run fast to catch us up, Chicki was breathing heavily. We had actually been checking very slowly to allow them to catch up. The benefit of Goblin's extra training runs in the park were seen during a bit of competitive hashing that left Chicki a broken woman. It was an excellent trail with many good checks that kept the pack together plus a bit of an obstacle course before we arrived back at the pub. This was "Cowslip Sunday" in Lambley and the trail went straight through the arena and stage set up after the flour trail had been laid. Fortunately for the hare activities had not yet started. We also discovered what the Lambley Dumbles was (or should that be were), if you'd have joined us, you  too would know.
The On-Inn circle was followed by a rare Mismanagement Committee Meeting were plans were hatched for the coming year, including: a Jubilee Street party hash on Tuesday 5th June, a hash camping weekend in July, the Lucky 777 Run at Great Hucklow in October and a Halloween rather than red dress run at the end of October. There was an outbreak of "competitive haring" when it was suggested we cut back on the number of runs we do in a year due to a decline in the number of regular Quorn Hashers. So we've got the hares to set the runs, will we have the hounds to run them?

This was the way I saw Run 759.
Bars on this Hash proved to be no obstacle

Saturday, 5 May 2012

AH4 Run 32. Seven Springs Car Park. Cannock. 05/05/2012

AH4 Run 32. Nine runners, 5 walkers and 4 dogs.
Starting from Seven Springs Car park Cannock Chase.
The Hares (ASB and Mamma Rose) had expressed some concerned about the weather for this picnic hash. Since my grandson has been named Noah it has rained for 40 days and 40 nights. A pub venue (the nearby Wolseley Arms) was announced as a reserve location. Oh ye of little faith - our RA did a great job with the weather, cold but no rain.

Fantastic hashing location with paths in every direction, many upwards, and plenty of opportunities for river crossings, a few of which the hares used. It was a most unusual shape for a trail (see Durex's version of Run 32). It was though we all got half way around the trail then went back the way we came. Kept us all guessing which way to go next and at 6.5 miles (with checks) was just the right length.

We  got a picnic followed by lager down-downs which were improved by the addition of some coke. Nice to hash in a new area - this is the furtherest south west I've travelled on a regular East Midlands Hash.

Hash Picnic

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

QH3 Run 758. The Blue Bell, Sandiacre, 30/04/2012

 After a remarkably wet April, what a surprise to get a dry sunny evening for the hash, so well done to the curate for the evening, namely Bugger, who once again stepped into the RA's shoes. I had to explain to the new GM Malteaser that part of the job description was not turning up 20 minutes late for the hash. We arrived well on time for the start of this week's trail laid by Dobber and Lionel. Having these two as hares obviously caused some confusion, we got above the average number of Mickleover hashers who had obviously though this was a Mickleover run. Pack numbers were well into double figures.

Unusual hash markings or was it just the rough area
we were running in?
After a few checks it was obvious that, in this fairly populated area on the edge of the countryside, quite a bit of flour arranging had been done adding to the excitement of finding the trail.  The hare must have been a little concerned when the majority disappeared down a false trail for 5 minutes shouting ON-ON, a check originally well terminated with a bar. The pack were kept  together and on several occasions  managed to find checks where none had been set. The hares even found a "Harriette" Street to run past.

With all the recent rain the going underfoot was wet in parts. Smutley was this run's FRB, last seen disappearing into the streets of Stapleford. On a rare hash appearance by Beer & Loathing you got the impression he'd rather have been watching the Manchester derby on TV - he was seen peering into pub windows trying to find out the score.

A relatively short run but just right for a Monday night - Durex version of Run 758.

In the circle DDs were awarded to:

  1.  Lightening Rod and Malteaser for wearing thermals on a warm sunny run.
  2. Beer & Loathing for trying to watch TV on the run.
  3. Diarrohea and Gobalot for various trail transgressions.
  4. Trianal for sheepishly following the leading hound off trail.
  5. The hares Dobber and Lionel for a good run.