Monday, 21 November 2016

QH3 Run 922. Risley Park, Risley.

RUN #922
Date : Sunday 20th November 2016
Location: Risley Park Pub, Risley
Hare:Butt Plug
Weather: Overcast but dry
Pack size: 8

Rumour has it that the RA Chicki saw storm Angus was due to hit the Midlands on Sunday morning and decided to avoid the hash trail today. I was stand-in RA and the storm went south instead.

We had a small well formed pack with three walkers, two intermediates, and two runners(?) plus the hare. Today Barritone was in the A-Team. We have had run trails in this area many times but never a route of this this shape! (see the GPS map trace below). The hare, with some recycling of the trail and some deft flour relaying, set a very clever trail that kept us guessing as to "where next?" Up on the ridge past Hopwell Hall we had a fantastic view of the Trent Valley. New on the trail was an information board about the story of the Risley Lanx .

After the night's heavy rain there was plenty of shiggy, non-moreso than on the last climb back to the On INN. I espied shortcutters IP and Sweet Pea slowly crawling up this hill from half-a-mile away and almost past them on the same spot. I say shortcutters, I think they probably did over five miles. Mine was a long trail of 7.7 miles which included a lot of checking and going back to mark the checks for a distant Barritone. 
Did the birds pass a verdict on this
trail by shitting on it a lot?

I led a small subdued indoor circle with awards going to: 

1. Barritone, today a FRB and member of the A-team;
2. B*gger who has turned up with a sick note for most runs this year;
3. Sweet Pea, a welcome back and uphill shiggy struggler - one step up two steps down;
4. The Hare, Butt Plug for an excellent and cleverly laid trail. Sweet Pea, however, did produce evidence (see photo) that the birds may have voted this a shitty trail;
5. The RA gave a DD to himself for successfully maintaining QH3's long succession of trails without rain.

On On..... Durex 

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