Tuesday, 31 January 2012

QH3 Run 749, Fox & Crown, Old Basford, Nottingham. 30/01/2012

You would think that Clementine could organise some good weather from his Missus the RA (Silent Pants) for his own hash. On a cold evening, with what was meant to be clear skies, we started in  rain/sleet/hail. My new GPS had switched itself off whilst waiting for Chicki and Too Tuf to arrive. I struggled for 1.25 miles to get it started in the wet and dark. Make a note - I must read the instructions. When we set off there were just 5 hashers plus the hare. Bugger and Butt Plug set the early pace, closely followed by Silent Pants and even Sherpa keeping up. I was lurking at the back trying to get the GPS started and struggling without any hashing shoes which had been left at home.
This used to be my home territory, not the most exciting surroundings for a hash, but a good pub with a great selection of beers. Bits of the hash were familiar, it was just a problem remembering how they all joined up.
With few hashers to do the checking it was hard going, but a sensible length run considering the weather. Chicki and Too Tuf were encountered for the first time as we all arrived back at the pub.
A subdued circle was held inside the pub. DDs awarded: (1) Clementine for a good run; (2) Bugger for being a fast running bastard - lucky with the false trails there; (3) me (Durex) for buying a new GPS that recorded a much shorter run than the RA did; and (4) Chicki (on behalf of Too Tuf as well) for obvious short cutting.

That's the way run 749 was, and I did the following route (less the first 1.25 miles!)

Run 749

Monday, 23 January 2012

QH3 Run 748, White Hart, Quorn. 22/01/2012

This is a rarity - the Quorn Hash House Harriers actually running a trail from Quorn. Even Wallington, our longest serving hasher from Run 2, has forgotten the geography of Quorn and was seen driving straight on past the White Hart. Hare and Cohare Too Tuf and Chicki made the start of their own trail (just). The pack set off at a fast pace led by Bugger and Smutley and was soon widely spread with only a couple of checks in the first mile. The third check brought us altogether - who would of thought that the correct trail would be along the A6! Not the cohare anyway, she led half the pack on a decoy (?) long cut. The ON OUT had the high wind behind us. Strategies were being hatched for the inevitable return into the gale force winds. Butt Plug reckoned we should all run behind Malteaser. Bits of my old Quorn hashing past came into play as we entered Barrow-upon-Soar, the problem was joining all those bits in the correct order. At the last check, as we were heading back into Quorn, the pack was more-or-less together, especially as Barritone initially returned back along what was in fact the correct trail.

We had a section of the pub to ourselves and an informal hash meeting was held discussing things ranging from the forthcoming Awards Night (Test Match, West Bridgford, Sat 4th Feb), the Jubilee, snoods and our annual away weekend in October. An indoor circle was led by stand-in RA (Hash Minor Part) Bugger.

Run 748 as run by Durex

MH3 Run 223, The Greyhound Derby 09/01/2012

This was I hash trail I failed to make as our house was getting plastered! I needed to spend the evening at home moving furniture so the plasterer had easy access to our upstairs ceilings. If I'm here I rarely miss a hash - I'm sure it was a good one!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

QH3 Run 747, The Reindeer Inn, East Bridgford (08/01/2012)

This was billed as the Jumbo run - was it just for fat people or was it going to be a very big run? No, it was Run No 747, set by Butt Plug from the Reindeer Inn in East Bridgford. An appropriate location for the hare as Butt field and Butt Lane were nearby.
The Hare was making excuses before the run started; the river was flooded; horses eating the flour; and wobbly styles. A fair sized pack set off on a trail of uneaten flour, checks keeping the path well together. A public footpath across a recently ploughed field was a particularly good check, hashers have a certain reluctance to cross such obstacles. Farmers do no justice to themselves leaving footpaths in such a state, and it serves them right if they get fifteen different tracks developing across their field.
It was a run of many animals, sheep, lamas and lots of horses. Wallington was seen whispering to the latter but Sweet Pea confessed a greater interest in the tractors. We were held up by a short-cutting Clementine and Silent Pants were it was deemed a holding check was necessary. Here we witnessed the blatent short-cutting of Chicki leading Too Tuf astray after their customary late start. Skids, Wallington and IP were offered a short-cut home but obviously decided they liked the run so much they did the entire trail of about 5.5 miles.

 QH3 Run 747 as run by Durex

The circle started by giving Butt Plug his reward for a good run, then punishing some inapproriate mobile phone activity which has disrupted the previous day's AH4 circle. All the culprits were present. Too Tuf has phoned Durex in the circle to ask Clementine to ring Silent Pants. Furthermore, Malteaser, currently in Seattle USA, also wants to know why Too Tuf texted her with the same puzzling request. Bugger got a DD for complaining about the hare's mind games. The hare had suggested we might need to cross a busy main road which Bugger did. Nice check.

AH4 Run 28, Red Lion, Hognaston (07/01/2012)

The AH4 has done a run from the Red Lion in Hognaston before, but this time around both the hare (Horse's Arse) and the hounds turned up at the same pub. Even Diarrhoea turned up at the Red Lion rather than the Knockerdown Pub a mile up the road. An error (Run No 8) for which Diarrhoea was awarded the first (and only) hash shit.
The weather was mild for January and the rain and wind of the previous week had subsided leaving ideal, very shiggy, hashing conditions. You would expect the RA to organise good weather for his own hash.
It was a well-laid trail with good checks, a short and long trail and a couple of fish hooks. At the 2nd fish hook we held a sub-committee meeting to decide that the FRBs only need run back as far as the hare. This made things easier for the FRBs as the hare was enthusiastically running with the front runners rather than looking after the stragglers at the back.

Amazon finally managed to deliver my GPS so this is the trail as I did it.

AH4 Run 28 as done by Durex

The circle at the end of the run was a perfect square as everyone was sat around dining tables. It was an uphill struggle for the stand-in RA (me) as food started to arrive from the moment the first punishments were awarded. Before long everyone was stuffing their faces, but we had time to welcome Up-the-Duff, Who's my Daddy and Windy Miller to their first Ashborne Hash. Hash Puppy got a DD for sitting down on the hash in a rather silly place - a very muddy path and Gatecrusher for arriving late and being mainly absent from the trail. Good run Horse's Arse.