Tuesday, 27 December 2016

QH3 Run 926. Manvers Arms, Cotgrave

undefinedRUN #926
Date : TUESDAY 27th December 2016
Location: Manvers Arms, Cotgrave
Hares:Butcher's Dog and Sausage
Weather: Bright and sunny winter's day
Pack size: 16

The Quorn Hash first ran from the Manvers Arms in Cotgrave in July 1997 (Run 213) when the trail was set by a certain Too Tuf and Pleasure Gnome (!?). Since then, until now, we had run from here only a further two times - July 2003 (Sybil's Snot and PE) and September 2009 (Shagulater). We find it hard to forget when we have an On Inn with no beer, as it was in 2003, and we've held a grudge ever since! The good news is this pub has been transformed by the current landlords since 2013 and now looks like an excellent hash venue with decent beer and plenty of room to sit. Indeed, the food menu looks good (Wednesday eating group with a running problem take note!)

Another good turnout for this end-of-year Tuesday run with hashing visitors (Frogney and Borderline), and a welcome back to Huffamoose on his biannual run. Even Mrs Pre-Mature (Margaret) was seen walking on the the trail with a limping Puss 'n Boots who must have been overdoing it a bit in the Pantomine season.

The trail was well constructed  going in directions we expected it not to go, including a poor call on a false trail up the road to Clipstone which Bummer got the blame for. Plenty of shiggy underfoot but a lovely sunny winter's day to be out hashing. Malteaser had obviously learnt from Seaman Stains the art of walking very fast on the hash, leading the majority of the pack to wonder why they were making any pretence of putting one foot in front of the other in a running sort of way.

The return back into Cotgrave reminded us this used to be a mining village including an extra loop at the end into the fringe of what is now a nice country park.

The pub car park is a pay and display, I guess because Cotgraveans might think about using this as a Park & Ride into Nottingham. The more money you put into the machine the bigger your redemption in the pub!

It was good to have the Beer Master here to do his job and RA Chicki back under the collar after an unusually long absence of a month.

The following awards were made:
1. Lily the Pink for misplacing her cool running shades;
2. Puss 'n Boots for running shoes new to this hash (though technically he could have claimed he didn't run in them);
3. Huffamoose welcome back;
4. Bummer, who got the blame for the bad checking up towards Clipstone;
5. Butcher's Dog, master baker for making Lily the Pink bake rock cakes instead of bakewells. Well she is a geologist!;
6. Pre-Mature who showed more concern for Lily the Pink this week (having ignored her fallen body on a previous hash);
7. Borderline, ex-Yorkshire hasher was welcomed to QH3 in the traditional manner (unfortunately Frogney had already departed for Exeter);
8. Margaret to her surprise (she was lurking to try and avoid the circle) received an award for her Skyping abilities;
9. Too Tuf for being a naughty boy (would you like a list from the RA?);
10. Malteaser who now has a plastic dot to talk to called Alexa;
11. Durex, absent from the A-team this week;
12. Hares Butcher's Dog and Lincolnshire Sauage for setting the trail. Depending how you want to use the term 'mean', they received a secret ballet vote of between 45 - 69%; and the dregs went to
13. Chicki, a welcome back after a month's absence.

So that's how 2016 and this Blog ends.....?

On On and On.. Durex


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