Thursday, 19 May 2016

MH3 Run 275. Holly Bush, Makney

MH3 Run 275
Date: Monday 16th May 2016
Location: Holly Bush Inn, Makeney
Weather: Dry
Pack size: 12

This was the 275th run of the Mickleover Hash House Harriers though recorded as run 269 by Dobber to make up for his omission in run numbering last November. Well at least we'll all be using the same run number from next month!
Today was a Trianal trail so on past experience hashers were expecting an eventful trail and they were not disappointed. Knowing this was going to be a long trail I had no hesitation opting for a walk with the walkers, as opposed to walking the whole trail like Seaman Stains does. Even the hare's complaints about self inflicted damage done to himself on a downhill cycling incident didn't dim our expectations that Trianal would still manage a long and hilly route.
Catflaps, Lionel, Dobber and myself had an enjoyable leisurely walk of just over 3 miles in an hour. We had an hour drinking by ourselves before the first of the main pack huffed and puffed their way in (Beer 'n' Loathing and Lightning Rod) having lost the trail somewhere along the way. They were followed by Gobalot and Oriface then, as it was getting dark, some two and a quarter hours and 7.5 miles into the run the stragglers arrived including Barritone, Seaman Stains and Malteaser, the latter having twisted an ankle. Good job Barritone's train wasn't until 11:20 pm.
Awards were given to: Gobalot (window shopping in Belper); Malteaser (spending much of the trail talking on her phone); Lionel (recounting the 10 most common medical complaints when you get old); Seaman Stains (walking around the whole trail); Barritone (excellent planning in aiming to get the late train back home); and, finally, the hare Trianal, whose trail met the standards we have come to expect from him.

Walkers' Trail as done by Durex

Sunday, 15 May 2016

QH3 Run 904. Conkers Waterside car park

RUN #904
Date : 15th May 2016
Location: Conkers Waterside car park
Hares: B*gger and Goblin
Weather: Sunny but cool
Pack size: 8

Back to the Moira area again this week with B*gger and Goblin stepping in at the last moment to set their second trail in a row. It was much like last week except today Skids was absent and Chicki, Too Tuf and Butt Plug were present. Another excellent trail in the National Forest. I walked the trail but the pack was always in sight thanks to excellent checks. For the second week in a row Malteaser was the FRB, when the hares thought she'd gone missing she was way out in front.
The hares provided the beer and shortcake feet and the circle was held at the water's edge. The RA awarded the following: Durex - wearing camouflage so he couldn't be seen walking; Wallington - enthusiastic calling on the trail but the only person unable to hear any replies; Goblin - RA abuse claiming it was't difficult to confuse Chicki; hash hound Freya, returning to the area of her birth on her birthday, a look-a-like bitch was found to do the DD (Malteaser); Too Tuf - causing wind with his cooking; hares for an excellent run (42%); and finally Butt Plug completing DDs for the entire pack.

That's the way I saw run 904, On On...Durex

Sunday, 8 May 2016

QH3 Run 903. Moira Furnace, Moira

RUN #903
Date : 8th May 2016
Location: Moira Furnace, Moira
Hares: B*gger and Goblin
Weather: Summer sunshine
Pack size: 6

A very small select pack turned out for this trail and we didn't even need an RA to ensure good weather. We started from near the Moira Furnace and it was hot! Basically, the pack consisted of Wallington and Malteaser, a dream checking team there for a run set by B*gger and Goblin, hares with a good reputation for setting trails with excellent checks.
I was on post-operation manoeuvres which involved a 3-mile walk with the hare along some of the 5-mile trail. In the end Malteaser recorded 6.4 miles which meant she must have done a bit of checking. Poor Wallington looked exhausted having not been allowed a walking option. The National Forest is an excellent hashing venue, too bad there weren't more here today to enjoy a good trail on a lovely sunny Sunday. There was a sixth and so far unmentioned member of the pack who had come all the way from Liverpool. Skids turned up late, missed the car boot sale adjacent to the car park and only made it around a small part of the trail.
The hares provided beer and shortbread hash feet, so there was no need to vote on this nomination for the trail of the year. Just not many people around to vote for it. 
The entire running pack - Malteaser and Wallington- took the first DD followed by the hares who were thanked for an excellent trail. Announcements were brief, there are still no hares for the next two runs, i.e. the rest of May. No hares, no trails........
On On...Durex