Tuesday, 28 January 2014

QH3 Run 821. Plough Inn, Ashby-de-la-Zouch

Date: Monday 27th January 2014
Hares: Gobalot and Oriface
Weather: Showers
Pack size: 13 

This was a cold and potentially wet hash night though both hares and hounds got off lightly with just a few light showers. Bugger and Goblin were able to walk a fair bit of the trail from their home to their favourite local pub, always a great bonus to have the hash on your doorstep. The trail led us around many historic parts of Ashby dlz though many of these went unnoticed in the dark. Castle, what castle? Captain Oates chose to run with a bottle of water rather than a torch which did somewhat impede his checking activity. Beefeater must have jogged past me a dozen times as I took up an unaccustomed position at the back of the pack nursing a very sore Achilles. Ten minutes into the trail, Trianal was observed driving through the town looking for the pub. Well at least he got there before Butt Plug, Too Tuf and Chicki. As a consequence this trail was run by three different groups, Trianal running solo, doing all the checks by himself and arriving back at the ON INN long after everyone else.

Bugger on his home pitch led the circle which saw Diarrhoea DDd for competitive uphill running and Malteaser for an early attempt to win the 2014 'Blonde Moment' of the year. She 'lost' her phone at the last hash and thanked everyone for their searching efforts after the previous hash. The phone was finally located in the back of the Skids mobile but only after Malteaser had some interesting conversations with people she mistakenly thought had answered her phone.

The Hare (Gobalot) completed 50 QH3 trails this evening, that's an average of  just over two a year. Before the end of January she has already reached her annual average. 'Associate' hare Oriface has been in the nervous 90s for many years and is now only one hash trail away from being awarded a 100 timer mug. Generally agreed this was a 'good run' and the hares are thanked for stepping in to set this one at short notice.

That's the way I saw it.....
Garmin GPS Map
Trail as done by Durex

QH3 Awards Night 1st February 2014

Those organising this year's award night have asked for your feedback on 2013, particularly your memories of hash trails from 2013.

To help you with this I have uploaded the following to the Quorn Web site archives:

  1. 2013 Annual Report Summary
  2. QH3 2013 Trail List
  3. Hasher Run Totals 2013
  4. 2013 Trail Maps (recorded by Durex's/Bugger's GPS - 3.7 Mbyte)
  5. 2013 Hare List

You're welcome to post comments here!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Roll out the red carpet. It's award season. Forget the Oscars, the one that really matters is the QH3 Annual Awards Night. 

The 2013 awards will be given at the Awards Night on Saturday 1st February (19:00) at the Test Match, West Bridgford, Nottingham.

Register your interest to attend with Chicki selecting your menu choice.

See a summary of the 2012 Awards

Monday, 20 January 2014

QH3 Run 820. Horse & Jockey, Stapleford

Date: Sunday 19th January 2014
Hares: Durex and Too Tuf
Weather: Sunny
Pack size: 19 

This trail was publicised as a master-class in how to set a hash trail. Were you disappointed? Myself and Too Tuf were celebrating 30 years of hashing, an event summarised in the circle eulogies as "we've done a lot of runs and drunk a lot of beer". We thought this trail had everything a good hash trail should have. Sunny dry weather yet plenty of opportunities for hashers to either dirty shoes in plenty of shiggy or wash them in water crossings. There
Anniversary cake
was a view point, sign-posted short-cuts, rope-assisted decent and a beer stop. Even plastic sheep were provided to keep Barritone and those from Derbyshire happy. In a blatant attempt to secure trail of the year, the hares laid on food in the pub, including a cake especially commissioned for the occasion from Malteaser.

Stand-in RA (Bugger) led an excellent circle which included a rare 'new shoes' down-down for Barritone and a hash naming for Free Willy. The latter was somehow arrived at following a discussion led by GM Chicki as to what things are pink??? Note to all newcomers, pink is a contentious colour on the Quorn Hash.

Nice to see newcomers returning and many welcome backs for a Sunday run (Oriface, Gobalot, Lightning Rod and Dobber). Hope we see more of you in 2014! I'm sure we'll also be using the Horse & Jockey again. As East Midlands CAMRA 2013 pub of the year what better place could there be for a running club with a drinking problem?

Who didn't get their feet wet? Only Skids and Oriface?
Free Willy hash naming

Garmin GPS Map
Trail as set by Durex (i.e. with false trails)

MH3 Run 247. The Alexandra Hotel, Derby

Date: Monday 13th January 2014
Hare: Durex
Weather: Good for January
Pack size: 20+ 

This time last year I set the Mickleover Hash from the nearby Smithfield in blizzard conditions with a hash pack of just 6. This time the weather was much improved, a shower of rain just after I finished laying the trail which had stopped in time for the run at 19:15. A good turn out left me feeling I should have made those checks much more difficult, especially with plenty of FRBs to do the checking.
This is an excellent pub for a hash venue (what a range of ales!) and a safe
Hare Durex
venue for a winter hash with a good mainly lit and off-road paths. I also wanted to run hashers past Derby's new cycling Arena and pass down a very quiet London Road (the bridge over the railway has just been demolished and the road is closed to traffic). However, Trianal did have an interesting encounter with a maniac on a quad bike also making the most of a traffic-free road.

Garmin GPS Map
Trail as set by Durex (i.e. with false trails)

Thursday, 16 January 2014

AH4 Run 47. The Stepping Stones, Ashbourne

AH4 Run 47. The Stepping Stones, Ashbourne

Date: Saturday 11th January 2014
Hare: Hash Puppy
Weather: Not raining (just)
Pack size: 20+ swelled by a good number of hash virgins

Hash Puppy and ASB demonstrating how to
do the river crossing
This was a trail set by our youngest ever hare (leveret?) - Hash Puppy. Hands up all those who thought it was going to be an easy stroll around Ashbourne?  But remember she comes under the evil mentor-ship of the Beast from the Andes. The FRBs sped off down past the first check that had been rubbed out by some busybody which meant that after just less than a mile walkers and r*nners all arrived at a deep ford together. There were some notable river-crossers (well done newcomer Rosie!) but also many sinners who choose to use the barred footbridge. The water was cold cold cold. It was the first time for many months that my Achilles tendonitus had been cured, well at least for the 10 minutes I couldn't feel my legs.
The trail had it all: false trail along tree trunk over the river; hills; fish hooks; llamas; long disused railway tunnel; and mud, mud, mud. Our 'Ironman' Grand Master (Horse's Arse) had a cold and just w*lked.

Moist receiving her hash name

Moist received her hash name after three runs, there was a lot to do with wetness on this trail. My lasting memory of the circle was Rosie's slippers and she took a DD for all the newcomers. Hope we see you all again.

ON ON...
Durex (AH4 Religious Advisor)

Garmin GPS Map
Trail as done by Durex

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

QH3 Run 819. Dixies Arms, Bagthorpe

QH3 Run 819. Dixies Arms, Bagthorpe

Date: Sunday 5th January 2014 Hare: Captain Oates
Weather: Not raining, plenty of shiggy
Pack size: 19

The 2014 hashing year is up and running with an excellent hash in the northerly reaches of our hashing area. Surprisingly large pack for this time of year, even the RA Shagulater made a rare appearance. I think Captain Oates has finally cracked how to set a hash trail, this one had a start, middle and an end! The ON OUT was an adventurous loop around the pub which saw us, after 5 minutes, returning to the back of the pub for a trip around the playground and football field where Barritone was still trying to find a secure place for his bike. Mental note made - if you wish to lose our Master Chicki set a trail with lots of shiggy. We had three virgins who I hope enjoyed the interesting trail set on the day by Captain Oates and circle led by Shagulater. Well done Captain Oates for completing a trail in virgin territory.
Garmin GPS Map
Trail as done by Durex

After a year off the East Midland Hasher blogg is back for 2014, mainly to serve as a record of 2014 hash trails for the Quorn, Ashbourne and Mickleover hashes. Happy to accept posts from neighbouring hashes and would be delighted to accept comments and posts to supplement my view of the hash trails.

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