Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hash Trails for November

Ashbourne Hash House Harriettes and Harriers
Hash Run No. 26
Saturday 5th November 11:00
The Cricketer's Arms
The Square
ST10 3AB
Old timers ASB and Mama Rose, assisted as always on the quiet and in the background by Non Runner, have a treat in store for you! The trail will be 5 miles with, of course, obligatory fish hooks for the FRBs to make their delight last longer!
Shiggy as always and stunning views around the Alton countryside.

Quorn Hash House Harriers
Hash Run No. 741
Sunday 6th November 11:00
The Plough
LE14 4HW
Hare: Butt Plug. Lovely village pub, nestling under a wooded ridge. Real ales, dog friendly.

Mickleover Hash House Harriers
Hash Run No. 221
Monday 7th November 19:15
Venue: Wetmore Whistle,
93 Wetmore Rd,
Burton on Trent, Staffs  DE14 1SH
Hares: Parker and Lady P

Quorn Hash House Harriers
Hash Run No. 742
Sunday 20th November 11:00
Venue: Chequers, Stanton-by-dale , DE7 4QF
Hare: Rasher

Quorn Hash House Harriers
Hash Run No. 743
Monday 28th November 19:15
Venue: The Wolds, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7HZ
(next to ASDA)
Hares: Too Tuf & Chicki

QH3 Run 740, Red Dress Run Nottingham (29/10/11)

Final Quorn hash of the month was the annual red dress run set by Clementine. This started in the Lincolnshire Poacher with a real hash trail down to The Bell, unfortunately closed for refurbishment. The Hare side stepped this minor inconvenience and rerouted the trail up the road to The Dragon. Surprise red dress of the evening was Eager Beaver's nine minute pregnancy in The Dragon. Does Rasher know?

Eager Beaver's nine minute pregnancy in The Dragon
On to the Royal Children where Barritone got the customary groping from one of the local tarts. Malteaser enjoyed her hashy birthday with a bounce around the pub to the live music. I had the usual "off" beer which they now seem to serve in this part of less frequented Nottingham.
Next stop was the Canal House. Well done Nottingham for the excellent display of costumes for Halloween. Many costumes had nothing to do with Halloween (clowns?) so the red dresses fitted in unobtrusively. There were sufficient hashers in red dresses to make the event not look too perverted though numbers declined as the evening passed. With a bus back to Derby before midnight, and an awareness of avoiding a repeat trip to A&E like after last year's event, the Canal House was our last stop. The rest of the evening for the hash's red dress run remains their problem.

Durex's hair now growing vigourously post-chemo. Malteaser with as many birthdays as Heinz varieties.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

White powder on the streets again

Whilst setting the QH3 trail last Sunday I had only been in the Watermead Country Park a couple of minutes before the park ranger was after me. What was I was doing with the white powder? Once explained there was no problem but it reminded me that already twice this year our white powder on the streets has attracted media attention:
Smutley's hash in Kimberley at the end of May: QH3 Notoriety spreads!

Mickleover Hash at the start of the year passing the BBC Radio Derby studio: Radio Derby Interview

Casting my mind back over the years I remember Jetslag's QH3 run from Frisby near Melton Mowbray when I policeman was sent out to investigate the suspicious behaviour of an "arab looking man". The policeman actually followed the trail. Also, during the anthrax scare in the US, I was followed by a mini-bus full of plain clothes policemen whilst laying a trail around the leafy suburbs of Breaston.

Some hashes have created major incidents, with several instances of the evacuation of shopping areas in the US:

Two Hares Charged with Class - D Felonies in Connecticut - Hashing -

We do need to be aware of the potential upset when we are laying trails through "sensitive" areas and publicise what a hash is about as often as we can.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

QH3 Run 739, Watermead Country Park near Syston (16/10/11)

Hot on the heels of yesterday's 10 mile Ashbourne hash we found ourselves having to get up early to set a trail in the Watermead Country Park starting from the Hope & Anchor pub near Syston. A new hashing area for all but the real old timers - Wallington, Too Tuff and Chicki - though I doubt if Chicki could remember where she ran last week let alone 15 years ago!
It's not all hard running. QH3 in Watermead Country Park
Yet again splendid weather for an October Hash. We all sat outside the Hope & Anchor drinking beers in the October sunshine. Another 11 miles clocked up today, that's 21 miles this weekend. My legs feel every mile of it! Nice to see Scab and Sleazy Rider who manager to arrive even later than Too Tuff and Chicki. Up the Duff was another latecomer who finally got back to the ON INN only after everyone except the hares had left. Hash puppies Whose my Daddy and little Windy Miller did the whole run and a lot more whilst in the park. 
Hash Trail as run by Durex

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

AH4, Cock Inn, Clifton (15/10/11)

Having decided the the Ashbourne Hash House Harriettes and Harriers runs regularly on the first Saturday of the month, here we were hashing on the third Saturday. The postponement was my suggestion as the hash would have clashed with the QH3 Buxton weekend when the first Saturday of October was that lovely sunny day, the hottest on record. Not to worry, this Saturday was equally wonderful weatherwise and a new hashing location. And boy what a great run! We certainly got our money's worth, Horse's Arse clocked up 10 miles on his GPS for the long run. There was a beer stop, lots of shiggy, the usual troublesome cows, compulsory stream crossings and some really difficult checks. These enabled latecomers Wheelchair and Flying Bottom to catch-up though I'm sure Flying Bottom would have preferred to have done the 6 mile "short" run. Great hash by Ur'in Trouble.

Hashers get a bullocking - upset by Poisonous Pussy's suggestion "they would look nicer on a plate"
Malteaser's feet are definitely over the line. That bar is there to stop you crossing the bridge!

Visitors and Newcomers being welcomed in the circle

Hash Trail recorded by Horse's Arse

MH3, Malt Sovel Spondon (10/10/11)

Second hash run of the month and again set by Butcher's Dog, this time from the Malt Shovel in Spondon. A surprisingly good run for Spondon. I don't much like this urban hashing - now it gets dark early we tend to run around lit streets rather than out in the countryside. Nice pub as well. Overwhelming vote of "good run". Strange to have a Mickleover Hash without Dobber being present. He was apparently making an exhibition of himself in Watford.

Monday, 17 October 2011

QH3 Buxton Weekend: 1-2 October 2011

Malteaser and Skids
First run of the month comes courtesy of QH3 - the annual Buxton weekend based at  Alleyn's School Field Centre, 1 - 2 October. Saturday is a long walk led by Transit, down across Axe Edge Moor and on to Orchard Farm. From there we passed through Danebower Quarries and on to the Cat & Fiddle pub. Unbelievable weather for October. Clear sunny day with the temperature up to 28ÂșC. You wouldn't get many summer days like that! Some returned back to base on the bus, others continued  down to the Goyt Valley and across Berry Clough back to base.

Lots of cake and food for the 25 attending hashers, so much I think it had a significant impact on the beer consumption. We made only respectable progress with the 3 barrels of beer. Shagulater and Miss Takemelater did a star turn with their unique take on the music man.
scottish music man.avi - YouTube
Butcher's Dog set QH3 run no 738 on the Sunday 2 October. My Garmin (Forerunner 201) has now completely had it - I can no longer read the screen so don't even know if it is switched on or off. So no route map to post. It was a good run the highlight of which was the hash pack being terrorised by a herd of cows, especially Malteaser. Serves her right for unusually being a FRB. A good run! Just goes to show what happens when the RA is not there to see to the weather!

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