Sunday, 11 December 2016

AH4 Run 66, Xmas trail, Ramblers Retreat, Dimmingsdale

The AH4 Christmas Trail, Ramblers Retreat, Dimmingsdale (photo by Totem Pole)

AH4 RUN #66
Date : Sat. 10th December 2016
Location: Ramblers Retreat, Dimmingsdale, near Alton
Hares: ASB and Mama Rose 
Weather: Dry and mild with lots of shiggy
Pack size: 13

A decent sized pack for the AH4 2016 Xmas trail set around the Churnet Valley in Staffordshire. Rain in the previous 24 hours (shame it wasn't snow) made this a very shiggy run in parts and faded the flour made checking false trails challenging. Nobody went missing and there were plenty of opportunities for shortcutters and walkers alike. The hares showed no Christmas spirit on the false trails which were long and, more often than not, uphill or downhill. At times the flour was hid like parcels under the Christmas tree. This had to be a very a good run as it included a mince pie and mulled wine stop, signed as "mpn" (mince pies near). On the trail, somewhere in the wood, we also passed a grotto with a Christmas theme, though the hares probably had nothing to do with this.

Wriggle coming down shiggy slope

Mama Rose 'n Boots - she knew what was coming

A new hash marking - "mpn" (mince pies near)

Mince pies, mulled  wine and beer were enjoyed by all

Christmas themed grotto in the wood on trail

Alas, at the Ramblers Retreat there was no room at this On Inn on account of the numerous festive diners. Instead, we moved up the road to the Alton Bridge Hotel where the hares had booked us a table. On arrival we went straight into the hash circle at which awards were made ranging from an excellent ale to water with ice cubes. First off was Totem Pole welcomed back to AH4 after a long while, as was Smutley. We also had a newcomer, an experienced hasher with dog running his first UK trail. Welcome Rabid Sheep Shagger. Wriggle and Jo were late arriving in the circle (cleaning the dog?) and Enema, Skids and Malteaser were offered sweeties by the RA to dob in sinners in the circle. Malteaser was dobbed for walking too fast on the walkers' trail. Hares Mama Rose and ASB were thanked for setting and excellent trail with mince pie stop and mulled wine. Horse's Arse was deemed to be today's FRB which left Diarrhoea as today's NODDY (Not Offered a DD Yet) and he had to drink what was left - unfortunately for him just a cold fizzy coke.

Merry Christmas Everyone and a Hashy New Year!

On On.. Durex

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