Sunday, 4 December 2016

QH3 Run 924. Final Whistle, Southwell

RUN #924
Date : Sunday 4th December 2016
Location: Final Whistle, Southwell
Hares:Pre-Mature and Slug
Weather: Sunshine but cool
Pack size: 13

Today we travelled to the far NE-corner of our hashing realm to Southwell, an area only used by this hash on two previous occasions. Well worth the long journey on a lovely day to run mainly virgin trails from an excellent real ale pub. The Final Whistle is a place worthy of a stop if you're ever in Southwell.
At 10:55 it looked as though this was going to be a very small pack with just the hares, relatives and friends plus Malteaser and myself. Just before the On Out Shagulater, Miss Takemenow, Butt Plug and then Sweet Pea and IP all appeared. So that gave: two hares, four r*nners (including John a virgin hasher from Cumbria), three walkers and the two true hashers that couldn't said to be r*nners but move faster than the walkers, namely, IP and Sweet Pea.
Lily the Pink pushed the pace and worked hard at the checks to ensure the pack was happy on her father's run. IP and Sweet Pea went missing pretty soon after the start, though did manage to catch up with the hare at points around the trail. Butcher's Dog and Sausage gave us all a 10 minute start having being held up by a very large convoy of Santas on motorbikes.
The hares used the principal that it was straight on unless marked otherwise which would have proved economical with the flour had it not been for all the arrows to keep the pack on track. Few checks towards the end meant FRBs Lily the Pink, Saugsage and Butcher's Dog (i.e. anyone in front of me) were able to stretch their legs. Not so Butt Plug for whom the weight of the Christmas post was beginning to take its toll.
The circle was held in the "station yard", Sweet Pea and IP providing appropriate songs when the following DDs were given:
1. IP for displaying his knees on such a cold day;
2. The hares Pre-Mature and Slug were thanked for a splendid morning out and a secret ballot gave the run a 43%;
3. Shagulater was at the hash today, much to the disappointment of the stand-in RA. On a nice day like this he should have been doing jobs in his new allotment which he expects me do all week long. He got his wee DD as he promised to go digging after the hash;
4. Puss 'n Boots, fresh from a pleasing 7-1 thrashing in Mansfield, turns up on the hash without paying or running, and stands in the circle with his hands in his pockets. So he got a DD just to see what he's missing;
5. Visiting virgin John was welcomed to the hash, he recited a Glaswegian poem for us;
6. Sweet Pea had been complaining about the cold and was going blue. She was given a cold beer to warm her up;
7. Postman Butt Plug was giving sustenance to get him through the next two weeks of Christmas post; and
8. The RA had a hunch that Malteaser would not pass all those apple trees without scrumping and rightly awarded a DD for scrumping whilst hashing.

Two weeks time is our Christmas trail. Get your Santa costumes and decorations ready - details will be on the web page  (or if you're Capt Oates).

On On..... Durex 

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