Sunday, 15 November 2015

QH3 Run 886. Beer Shack, Hucknall

RUN #886
Date : Sunday 15th November 2015
Location: Beer Shack, Hucknall 
Hare: Barritone
Weather: Confused
Pack size: 10
Travelling to today's hash we had heavy rain showers, high wind, blue skies, sunshine and a rainbow with the temperature at 15 deg. C for mid-November! The weather was very confused, no doubt the Quorn RA was involved. Chicki promised us a dry window in the weather between 11:00 - 12:00 and that's what we got and more.

We commenced with Hash Trash (Captain Oates) demonstrating his new acquistions (part 1)
We rarely travel north of Nottingham so much of the route today was virgin trail. Hash Stats (Malteaser) failed to tell us that we had in the history of QH3 only run from Hucknall on two previous occasions - Runs 347 and 489, the latter being the start of a red dress tram run.
As always with a Barritone trail it was well marked with flour and every 'marked' false trail barred. Early on Jelly Knob and Cpt Oates did find false trails were there were no checks, the latter hasher finding it hard to accept that the trail doesn't always go straight on.
Out into Bestwood Country Park it got shiggy and hilly. It was here that my GPS recorded a rapid decent of 1.7 m when my feet went upwards and head hit the ground. A chance to catch my breath and let Chicki catch up. At this point the hare also caught up with the pack. Helpful at a particularly difficult check at which Malteaser had wrongly learned from a cyclist that it wasn't straight on. It was a long trail approaching the 7 mile mark - a shorter option was available to walkers and was used by invalids B*gger and Butt Plug.
The Beer Shack is a great real ale pub with a range of high alcohol beers - hence the advice of the hare to come by tram. We found a quiet corner of the pub for the circle. Awards went to: 1. Malteaser - twice showing blonde dyslexia moments. An inability to arrange the No 3. in the correct way for the above photo and thinking we had arrived in Beeston rather than Bestwood. 2. Jelly Knob - welcome back. 3. Durex - flying on the hash. 4. A disgusting disgraceful Too Tuf for showing his underpants in the street. I really think the old lady was really getting very excited watching you change. 5. Barritone the hare for a good trail in an unfamiliar area and finding the Beer Shack. 6. The RA got given the final DD for showing unbelievable weather control.
Captain Oates escaped punishment despite his burst of promotional materials including the QH3 balloons and fliers- we need the latter so we can all learn the correct web site address! We now own the domain name .

On On..Durex

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

MH3 Run 269. Furnace Inn, Derby

MH3 Run 269
Date: Monday 9th November 2015
Location: Furnace Inn, Derby(DE1 3BX)
Hare: Trianal
Weather: Mild and windy after day of rain
Pack size: 14

Today the weather was not the sort you would want to lay a hash trail in. Wind to blow away the flour and what does reach the ground gets washed away by the heavy rain.  Not that tonight's pack was bothered, the rain had stopped and there was a mild drying wind. The hare (Trianal) admitted he had used only one bag of flour and there weren't many checks, facts obviously apparent on the trail. There were just two checks in the 6 mile trail, at 2.5 and 3 miles. Is this a record? And yes, hash flour was obviously being saved to make next month's mince pies. 
The main pack was fortunate to have the hare to shepherd us around though after 4 miles the pack size was dwindling with Jelly Knob, Lightening Rod and Oriface deciding to take the direct route back to the Furnace from Pride Park. Seaman Stains (at fast walking speed) miraculously found his way to the 2nd check but followed 'welcome back' Isleof hash virgin Jill along the shortest route back to the On-Inn. Myself, Malteaser and Captain Oates persevered with the trail into the city centre keeping Trianal company. We then lost the hare and infrequent flour blobs and decided it was time to head back to the Furnace via St Marys footbridge. That left Captain Oates as the only hound out on the trail, Given that he was out for another 20 minutes longer than us I'd thought he was the only one to find and complete the whole trail with the hare's help. However, both admitted to giving up on the final loop. The SCBs, an injured B*gger, Dobber, Lionel and Catflaps, fared no better on the trail being misdirected by an arrow towards the city centre after less than half-a-mile.
As always, the Furnace was a most welcoming On-Inn - friendly, an excellent choice of real ales, and live music. The trail provoked plenty of discussion though Malteaser could only think of getting her complimentary samosa.
The circle was led by Dobber in the smokers' shed with Oriface put in charge of keeping the lights on. The end of October is a busy time for birthdays and Catflaps and Seaman Stains got the first DD for a hashy birthday. Jelly Knob spent much of the time running by himself and was awarded a DD for the 'Lone Ranger'. Malteaser was punished for scavenging samosas. Isleof was welcomed back but hash virgin Jill, who hadn't been told the full story of what hashing was about, declined a free beer - Yorkshireman Lionel readily stepped in to receive this beer. Captain Oates was thanked for guiding the hare around most of the trail. Hashing has no rules and every trail set is different, Trianal was thanked for setting a trail that will be remembered.
That's the way I saw MH3 Run 269.......On On ...Durex

Trail as done by Durex

Monday, 2 November 2015

QH3 Run 885. Meadow Covert, Edwalton

RUN #885
Date : Sunday 1st November 2015
Location: Meadow Covert, Edwalton
Hares: Too Tuf and Chicki
Weather: Benign
Pack size: 15

For Too Tuf the weather was benign, for me it was propitious, to most it was foggy lifting to become a nice warm sunny day. Indeed, to the west in Wales it was the warmest UK November day recorded at  22.4 deg C. What a wonderful RA we have.

A reasonably sized pack today swelled by the late arrival of Captain Oates, Paper Cups and a younger version of Captain Oates who for now we'll refer to as Private Oates. The late arrival was put down to the fact that one of this party needed to purchase some running shoes before arriving at the On Inn. Good checks meant that it wasn't long before they'd caught up the pack. You would expect nothing less of a trail set by hares that now have a combined total of 1179 (595+584) QH3 runs and have 183 (97+86) QH3 harings to their names.

It was a well constructed trail with a mixture of previously unused paths and bits we hadn't used for a long long time. Towards the end it did go a bit pear-shaped, today's A-Team (Butcher's Dog, Sausage, Durex and Butt Plug) arriving back some time before the remainder of the hashers despite the pack being together at the penultimate check. We'd thought that Captain Oates was showing his visitors why he was so named but alas the sweeping hares brought in the remnants. This didn't include today's SRBs - Wallington, IP, B*gger and Sweet Pea who finished the trail in varying degrees of completeness, the latter may have even employed a car to pick up grandchildren.

Shame the checks were all good and long meaning I clocked up 5.75 miles instead of the perfect 5.

Who would think that a November circle would be held in nice warm sunshine in the pub's beer garden? Chicki with her usual book of diverse drinking songs led the circle (minus the Quavers this week). The following awards were given:
1. IP for inappropriate questioning before we set out - he asked Too Tuf how long it was. Needless to say we all provided an answer.
2. B*gger for remotely playing with his [car's] rear end before we set out.
3. Butt Plug for successfully helping Underlay through her driving test first time around. 
4. Newly weds (Butcher's Dog and Sausage) ran from home and it was calculated this could have got them 20 more minutes at home in bed.
5. Captain Oates for his efforts in securing new shoes for his mum from 'Sports not Direct to the hash'.
6. Tim (brought to the On Inn by Sweet Pea) was welcomed to the circle.
7. Malteaser who despite 'not liking the fresh fungi on Durex's face' (quoting the RA) did find some nice mushrooms for Durex's dinner only to have them destroyed by Too Tuf. He was punished (but may have saved Durex's life).

The run discussion was led by GM B*gger. There were various moans about no sheep but the absence of any hockey players or beer festivals wasn't even mentioned. It went to a vote and for some reason got 55%.

Thanks for an excellent trail and nice to see visitors Paper Cups and 'Private Oates'. Hope to see you again...

On On..Durex