Thursday, 27 August 2015

QH3 Run 878. Crown Inn, Beeston

QH3 RUN #878
Date: Tues 25 August 2015 (19:15)
Location: Crown Inn, Beeston
Hare: Barritone
Weather: Just about dry after a wet afternoon
Pack size: 13 inc. 7 hash virgins

Shortcutters! With the opening of the Nottingham Tram extension happening today, the hare incorporated the Toton to Beeston line in his trail
Moving the hash to the last Tuesday of the month so we weren't competing with the Bank Holiday weekend activities didn't confuse too many hashers. We even got seven hash virgins. Welcome to the group from Hoveringham - Phil, Chris L, Cadi, Alison, Tom, Joe and Sam. 

With so many virgins the regular hashers were kept busy at checks making sure we didn't lose anyone. Youngsters Tom, Joe and Sam were like puppies off the leash and were keen to set a fast pace. Like all Barritone trails this one was well laid, most false trails were eventually barred and, despite the afternoon and early evening rain, this hare is never economic with the flour so the trail was easy to find.

We were warned by the hare that we needed money for a tram ride home so we knew as we headed out to Toton this was an A to B trail. Although we didn't head for the new Toton Park & Ride, instead met the tram at Inham Rd. Too bad Too Tuf and Chicki turned up with a dog, the latter not being allowed on the Tram - they had to make the journey On Inn by bus. If I'd been the hare I would have provided Chicki with a white stick and dark glasses. Diarrhoea had already had his free tram ride earlier in the day with his bus pass.

Malteaser was given the first down-down (DD) of the evening by RA Chicki, who was somewhat rusty after missing recent hashes. Hashers usually get rewarded with a beer if they short-cut. It was discovered this week that Malteaser was once actually punished with a fine for short-cutting in her car (up an Access only road). Chris L took a welcome DD for the hash virgins, though later Joe, Sam and Tom got awarded softie DDs for serious running, the latter getting only water for coming in first. Alison was also rewarded for rapidly adapting to the spirit of hashing - at a check when the purpose of false trails was being explained she was quick to realise that you can stand and rest at the check and just let 'someone else run the false trails'.

Durex was given a DD for having a new car and Too Tuf (ex-World DD champion) received a small beer by his standards simply because he needed the practice. The trail surprisingly for a Barritone hash had no sheep but the tram ride (for some!) helped to bring the run decision to 43%. Thanks Barritone for a good trail and 

So this was the day QH3 officially opened the new tram line...On On...Durex

Monday, 17 August 2015

QH3 Run 877. Ye Olde Red Lion, Market Bosworth

QH3 RUN #877
Date : Sunday 16th August 2015 (11:00)
Location: Ye Olde Red Lion, Market Bosworth (CV13 0LL)
and later to the Country Park for Teddy Bears' Picnic
Hare: Wallington
Weather: Sunny and dry
Pack size: 8 plus 6 teddy bears

Exactly 400 runs since the memorable 4-oh-77 Mash Hash weekend in Market Bosworth we returned for the Teddy Bears' picnic. So far south in our hashing area was this location it had a Coventry postcode. This, along with the fact it was summer holidays, meant the pack was only brought up to acceptable levels by the attending teddy bears. 

The trail including a holding check at the Battle of  Bosworth memorial
 The r*nning pack of Durex, Malteaser, B*gger and Goblin (plus hare Wallington) headed out to the battlefield where we had a cultural holding check to take in all the information about Richard III's demise. From there it was an almost straight line back to Market Bosworth with a special river crossing just for B*gger. There was a bit of loop through the Country Park where we met the walkers (Spit 'n' Sawdust plus two children) doing the trail backwards.

There were as many teddy bears as hashers on
today's trail
A brief circle was held at Ye Olde Red Lion led by stand-in RA Durex on account of the lovely weather. We had, after all, parked there prior to clearing off to the Country Park for a picnic. Spit 'n' Sawdust plus Talia and Noah were welcomed back and Wallington thanked for setting the trail. This was his third hare in two months and, like at Seagrave in July, he organised the Dekota fly-past again!

B*gger became the QH3 croquet champion

At the picnic the annual QH3 croquet championship was held (first time in about five years). Durex lost his title to B*gger inexplicably and accidentally pegging out before going through all the hoops whilst well in front.

That's the way the Teddy Bears saw it.....On On...Durex

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

MH3 Run 266. Carpenters Arms, Dale Abbey

MH3 Run#266
Date: Monday 10th August 2015
Location: Carpenters Arms, Dale Abbey (DE7 4PP)
Hare: Butcher's Dog
Weather: Dry and sunny
Pack size: 11 

This is one of my favourite pubs for a hash trail. There's always a good selection of real ales, good food and the pub sits in a one kilometre square that contains 6 km of public footpaths. Plenty of scope there for the hare to set some good false trails. Though it's no surprise that with all these footpaths we always manage to upset a local farmer. This time it was Lightning Rod, following the public footpath sign, but down the wrong side of the hedge. Several of us missed the well-marked style and opted to go over a gate tied with string.
Malteaser was first to the holding check at the
Hermitage. Further evidence to support the
charge of competitive hashing
The pack rapidly formed into two groups or should I say three on account of Beer and Loathing's lateness. A good number of checks in the first mile meant the r*nners were always in sight of The Dobber's walking group. It wasn't until we had the uphill climb to the Hermitage that we lost the walkers. From there we headed eastwards towards Stanton-by-Dale along paths I've not previously trod. I had to r*n and make mental notes about footpath condition at the same time as my contribution to the Ramblers' Big Footpath Watch.
By the time I'd returned to the On Inn, having run the perfect hash length of five miles, the walkers were well into their first pint in the beer garden. The hare is known for her wonderful cakes and for her birthday hash had made some lovely rocky-road type chocolate cakes which went down extremely well and ensured this was voted as a good hash trail.
The Dobber awarded DDs to:
1. Beer and Loathing (hashy birthday and latecomer);
2. Malteaser - competitive hashing (the only harriette in today's pack);
3. Lightening Rod for managing to upset a farmer - should have gone to Spec Savers;
4. Ballcrusher who was doing a lot of dobbing today;
5. Seaman Stains for advertising the virtue of Barton Bus' group zig-zag to do a B&B (Beer and Buses) day out around the East Midlands - Dick Barton Special Agent!; 
6. Diarrhoea for a long catalogue of how to do things for nothing - 'cheap steak'; and
7. The hare Butcher's Dog for an excellent trail.

Did Smutley really go to Darley Abbey?

On On...Durex
Trail as done by Durex

Friday, 7 August 2015

QH3 Run 876. Anchor Inn, Walton-on-the-Wolds

QH3 RUN #876
Date : Sunday 2nd August 2015 (11:00)
Location: Anchor Inn, Walton-on-the-Wolds
Hare: Wallington
Weather: Sunny and dry
Pack size: 10

Another hash down Leicestershire way though with the hash web site down over the weekend there was someone that left it until 45 minutes before the start of the hash to find they didn't actually know where in the East Midlands to start from. At least Dope and Heroin were able to get along for their last run with Quorn, even if it did mean a long walk from Loughborough.

For a Wallington hash it was uneventful apart from being branded as dog poisoners (see photos). 

At the On Inn we were treated to some Dope cookies containing certain colourful substances (M&Ms). 

Dope cookies - you wouldn't want leave one of these on a public path!

Even though the weather had been nice there was a certain reluctance by anyone to step into the RA's shoes. B*gger eventually did awarding DDs to:

1. The hare Wallington for a good run, no vote needed but a consensus of 41% given some of the long stretches on the road.
2. Farewell to Dope and Heroin, we're sad to see you go off to Edinburgh.
3. Stacey (no hash name yet) was a newcomer who has come back for more. Careful what you say about liking big dikes when we are looking for possible hash names!
4. Malteaser for refusing to be the RA for the day and sitting down in the circle.

We have another Wallington hash to look forward to on 16th August - the Teddy Bears' picnic in Market Bosworth. Details on the Quorn Web Site - now working again as we've managed to find out who is responsible for renewing the domain name every two years.

On On...Durex