Sunday, 16 November 2014

QH3 Run 850 Halfway House, Donisthorpe

RUN #850
Date : Sunday 16th November 2014
Location: Halfway House, Donisthorpe
Hares: B*gger and Goblin
Weather: Fog in Nottingham, Rain in B'ham but OK here.
Pack size: 12

When the hare arrived I made my excuses about not being able to run because of a bad back. B*gger put on a rubber glove and I thought he was going to ask me to bend over! No worry, today's hash was a figure of eight, walkers could do just one loop.

One of several river crossings
Today with Wallington I looked after the back of the pack and, although walking, kept up with hashers for the first mile, checks working well. Unfortunately at the cross-over point we picked the wrong loop and in the wrong direction and ended up following the pack back along the track we'd already done and at 4 miles ended up doing 80% of the route. We did get a chance to see several river crossings and the barefoot hikers from Coventry. Anyone up for a barefoot hash?
We picked up Skids on our route and ended up back at the On Inn not too long after the pack had arrived back. We shared the pub with a crowd of litter pickers.

In the circle RA Butt Plug awarded DDs to: (1) Malteaser (been retired 2 weeks and Durex had already been broken); (2)Too Tuf (ladies be careful he doesn't touch you!); (3) Sausage (short cutting and competitiveness involving trying some future-wife beating); (4) B*gger and Goblin - good run (42.3%); and (5) Skids and B*gger (Moonies, though looky-likey Chicki took it for the blondes).

That's how I saw it...On On...Durex
Trail as set by the Hare
(less the last mile)

Walkers Trail

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

MH3 Run 257, The Railway Inn, Sawley

Date: Monday 10th November 2014
Location: The Railway, Sawley (NG10 3AP)
Hare: B*gger
Weather: Dark, dry and getting chilly
Pack size: 16

Butcher's Dog gave us a five minute start but still caught us up eleven minutes into the trail. A walking Seaman Stains kept up with the pack and was even seen doing checks. Such was the nature of this typical B*gger trail. The hare warned us at the On Out that the trail would have many directional changes and it was important to stick on flour. Wise advice indeed. This was a trail that twisted and turned and made good use of both pavements and alley ways. The trail went where the flour was put rather than where the path led us. Hounds worked hard at every check and the pack seemed to diminish in size as the trail progressed. First to go AWOL was Goblin, an obvious concern for the hare. You don't lose your wife on your own trail.

Captain Oates finds normal hash trails challenging so it was inevitable he would get lost tonight. He was last seen running up and down the canal with Gobalot. At least he got back to the ON INN early. Meanwhile FRBs (Trianal and Butcher's Dog) were finding the trail made more difficult by parked cars strategically placed over crucial hash markings. I chose to hang around at the SRB end of the pack (still with a troublesome back) and benefited from keeping a close eye on where the hare was going.

At the ON INN we were treated to the first mince pies of the season (courtesy of Goblin). In the circle Dobber awarded Down-Downs to a couple of harriettes whose observational abilities were questioned - Malteaser (crossing a bar) and Goblin (ran past a marked check in the wrong direction). K2 received a DD for arriving late and Captain Oates, yes, for getting lost again. Seaman Stains got a hashy birthday and B*gger was thanked for a good hash trail.

Trail as done by Durex

Sunday, 9 November 2014

QH3 Run 849, Four Bells, Woodborough

RUN #849
Date : Sunday 2nd November 2014
Location: The Four Bells, Woodborough (NG14 6EA) 
Hare: Free Willy
Weather: Pleasant and Balmy
Pack size: 7

Debriefed apparently was on a Bridesmaid dresses shopping trip. The wedding is not till next July, so why was it so urgent that the co-Hare had to miss laying a trail? Also the Bridesmaid's measurements are bound to change in the meantime so some alterations will undoubtedly have to be made. The Hare hobbled round at the back of the pack due to an 18-month old Hockey injury.
R*nners:   Barritone, Ballcrusher, Captain Oates and Wallington
Walkers:   Butt Plug and Underlay
Trail about six miles.

The Hare forgot to tell the Walkers about a short cut so they arrived back an hour after everyone else. Also they stopped to have a Greggs sausage roll. (Is that a euphemism for something that's not allowed on the Hash?). Wallington has bought a Bungalow to add to his existing property portfolio of two houses. It was reported in the media that car sales are up 10% on last year and this year will be a record 10 year high, so now we know where the money has ended up. Wallington still has a bit of a way to go to catch up with the Blairs, who have 31 properties Captain Oates is looking for someone share his flat, mainly to contribute to the expenses.


AH4 Run 55, Blacksmith's Arms, Alton

RUN #55
Date : Saturday 1st November 2014
Location: Blacksmith's Arms, Alton (ST10 4AZ) 
Hare: Captain Oates
Weather: Unknown
Pack size: 5

This was a small pack with the RA Durex away in Liverpool with other hashers and ASB making some excuse about a poorly knee. At least the GM Horse's Arse turned up.
The GM reported on Facebook:

AH3 @ Blacksmith's Arms. Eventful day: big group of 4, the GM (that's me) fell over and split hand open, hare got lost and arrived 30 minutes after we all got back. On on!

Later questioning of the hare would suggest the first bit of the trail was the best part but it did go downhill from there, some excuse about a new hotel being built where a path should have been. Pitty nobody got as far as the monorail ride. The trail as done by Horse's Arse looks remarkable!

Trail as run by Horse's Arse