Tuesday, 27 December 2011

QH3 Run 746, King William IV, Sneinton, Nottingham

Our last hash of the year from the King William IV in Sneinton, Nottingham, a
very urban location but the hares promised a rural run. A small dedicated pack in need of some Christmas exercise including a welcome back to Hot Down South. Wonderful weather for December, sunny and not too cold. Clementine claimed responsibility as RA by right of marriage. After a short stretch of tarmac it was up past the Windmill, not often seen on the Quorn hash in daylight. Diarrhoea and IWB were checking well and the pack moved along fast,  that's what I thought as I was well at the back by the time we got to the woods above the Race Course. A quick scramble up an outcrop of Sherwood Sandstone, never more than 25 m off flour, put me back up with the FRBs and Malteaser.

Then we had the rural bits with lots of mud. For me it was the muddiest hash of the year on account of getting a right plastering when I went skidding flat on my back. Hot Down South and IWB meanwhile had gone in opposite directions, both calling ON ON, and both on flour. In the case of a Hot Down South good shortcut along a false trail that needed a bar.
There was a lot of hills on this trail and the ON IN seemed to have most of the downhill bits.

If Amazon had managed to send me the right Christmas present I could tell you how long this trail was. Alas that will have to wait for the new year -by then the hand therapy exercise ball should have been replaced by a wrist watch GPS. I guess it was about an hour's run - just right for a bank holiday hash trail.

Excellent choice of pub for a hash with a good selection of real ales. An indoor circle was led by Clementine assisted by Beer Mistress Wallington. DDs for everyone including a couple of pints for the Hares who had managed to set a good urban rural run, only the sheep were missing.

Not only does our hash have a running problem, Chicki is now telling people we have special needs! Well done Chicki for managing to get my 400 hundred-timer top to me by only my 405th run. Disabled indeed! Such a nice change from tankards. Only another 3 years and I'll have passed my 490 runs done on the Bandung Hash.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

QH3 Run 745, Blidworth Wood, north Nottingham (18/12/2011)

At 11:15 there were just 5 hashers (Durex, Malteaser, Barritone, Diarrhoea and Clementine) and no hare. Had Shagulater turned up to set the Quorn Christmas run? Each of us set off in a different direction in the search of flour and it wasn't too long before we heard a cry of ON ON from Clementine. Woods, with their numerous paths, make good hash trails with many checking opportunities and Blidworth Woods was no exception. With a small pack this was going to be a hard-found trail.

Ten minutes into the run we were joined by Bugger who had abandoned Goblin at the car park whilst there was still a chance to catch the pack. A further ten minutes as we cut back into the wood not far from the start  I spied Chicki and Too Tuf setting off. A twenty minute start was never going to be enough to catch us up.

It was an excellently laid trail with the checks keeping everyone together. Dressed as Santa I got much advice from people walking their dogs as to which way the Reindeer had gone!

With no pub on location we had to make do with a cup of coffee from the mobile snack back until Shagulater arrived with his Irish coffee and Goblin with the mince pies. With the excellent sunny weather there could only be one stand-in RA and I awarded Shagulater a good run.
So that was the 2011 Quorn Hash Christmas run as I saw it....

Friday, 23 December 2011

AH4 Christmas Run, Doveridge

The RA was berated before the start of our Christmas hash - I'd brought the
Our Christmas run harse - Posionous Pussy - 
with the Andean Sex Beast
sleigh but no snow. Wet and cold, and icy in parts, but couldn't Horse's Arse manage just a little snow? Right on cue, as an assortment of Santas, elves and just boringly dressed hashers hit the trail, great big snow flakes began to fall. It was ******** freezin'. I'd thought that with running shorts, vest and full Santa costume on top, I would be red hot running around the trail.

 The Trail as run by Horse's Arse

Bags of flour were used on this trail so it was easy to follow, not so much to the usual sound of "ON ON" but "Ho Ho Ho!" Fish hooks kept the pack together (what's a group of Santas called?)  including one that gave us maximum exposure to all the motorists on the A50.
The thoughtful hare even organised a beer stop - she knows how to get a "good run" award!

After the beer stop the pack split into two - flying  and walking Santas.
Beer stop on the AH4 Christmas run, 17/12/2011
Naturally I was with the flying Santas following the trail as it weaved its way around Doveridge. It was still very icy in parts though
Crooked Squire was the only known victim of a slide on the ice. I had just started to warm up by the time we arrived back at PP's house.

We were treated to hot mulled wine, copious turkey sandwiches and other miscellaneous nibbles. The RA led the circle in PP's living room. Punishments were handed out to those who didn't observe the fish hooks, including the RA himself whom the Hash Puppy was quick to dob in. Just look at his GPS map link on this page to see the proof! Thanks PP (and your helper) for setting a great Christmas run and hosting the AH4 on this Christmas treat.

So that's another hash year completed. Happy Hashing to all you Ashborne Hashers in 2012 from Durex and Malteaser.

MH3 Run 222, Mason's Arms, Mickleover

Hashing heaven! A run from our local pub except today, on account of the biting wind and rain, it was much more pleasant to drive to the Mason's Arms for the traditional Mickleover Hash House Harriers' Christmas run. The temperature - cold - was about right for Christmas but the wind and rain left us sheltering in shop doorways before the ON OUT, which, when it came, coincided with the rain stopping. After a loop around central Mickleover, loose shoe laces saw me at the back of the pack with the walkers. Everyone else had disappeared off-trail leaving Dobber the hare to send me, and me alone, along the the right trail. When you are by yourself on a dark wet windy urban hash it can be very hard going. So many choices of direction but at least, despite the rain, the flour had stuck. After about 10 minutes I was reunited with the rest of the hashers who had only cut a minor corner off the trail. There was a lot of corners and loops on this trail, clevery set by our experienced hare in the warren of residential streets and alley ways that is Mickleover.

It is bad enough now-our-days to have to struggle to keep up with Bugger and Malteaser, but being repeatedly overtaken by bright plastic orange cardboard recycling bags, emptying their contents all over the streets of Mickleover, I must be getting old! As the hash run continued numbers declined like "ten green bottles hanging on the wall". After each check we seemed to lose another hasher. But back in the pub nobody was missing in action.

The usual copious mince pies were available providing enough calories to keep us hashing well into next summer. No hash subs were paid and hashers were treated to free beer without the need to have done a misdemeanour. It was Christmas! Well done Dobber for a good run. Hashy Christmas everyone.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

QH3 Run 744, Kings Head, Sutton Bonnington

Hash Curate (Transit) was smugly claiming responsibility for the sunshine when the pack eventually got going by about 11:15, unusually joined at the start by Chicki and Too Tuf. Barritone just about made it on time too after a long cycle from Beeston. The hare promised us a 5-mile trail and we got 7 miles instead. With Butcher's Dog as hare it was very much a runner's run.
Diarrhoea set off at quite a pace assisted by getting at least the first five checks right. I passed him on the sixth, typical Diarrhoea going off trail for a while only to reappear near the front some time later.

Two third around and Too Tuf struggling to keep up with me demanded a holding check to let the well-spread pack catch up. An eager Diarrhoea sneaked off during the holding check misleading Malteaser and myself believing that was the right way to go. Of course it wasn't which led to a half-mile check back to catch up with the reassembled pack being herded around by Butcher's Dog. Sherpa, Transit, Barritone and Gate Crusher, unseen since the start of the trail kept the hash tradition of SCBs and were already downing the first pints when we arrived back at the Kings Head (missing apostrophe noted - how can several kings have one head?).

The weather had deteriorated and spots of rain were falling by the time IP, Sweet Pea and Wallington got back to the pub. The cold but dry circle saw Goblin christen new shoes (who dobbed her in for those Bugger?). Remember next time you buy new shoes check they are easy to drink beer from!  The hare was awarded a "good run", FRBs punished, and Malteaser for hastling a total stranger's dog. It was black and white, but it did have a willy (thanks to Sweet Pea for that observation) and was twice as fat a Frayah. Even Chicki wasn't fooled.
That was the way Durex saw this hash run.

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