Monday, 22 February 2016

QH3 Run 895. The Red Lion, Kegworth

RUN #895
Date : Sunday 21st February 2016
Location: Red Lion, Kegworth
Hare: Durex
Weather: Mildish, windy and no rain
Pack size: 18

Although QH3 have only used the Red Lion once before (Run 590 in Sep 2007),
it has been used by other hashes. This is a photo from December 2001 when
Durex, Malteaser and Skids were the hares for City of Leicester Run 87.
Hash fax Malteaser informed us this was only the 2nd time the QH3 had run from the Red Lion in Kegworth. This was surprising considering it is an excellent real ale pub at the centre of our hashing area. 

There was an excellent turn out for today's trail with 18 hashers it was the largest pack this year. The hare (Durex) informed the pack the trail had been crafted to the perfect length of 5.00 miles (if you didn't run any false trails). During the setting of the trail the hare had actually done 7 miles so plenty of checking was to be expected.

From the On Out we soon lost B*gger, today an out-and-out walking invalid. However, Shagulater and newcomer Yvonne kept up with a good walking pace to the one mile mark helped by a tortuous route out of Kegworth and some cunning checks. Jamie, Sausage and Butcher's Dog all worked hard on the false trails. Cadi was imminently observable in her fluorescent pink top and Pre-Mature chose to look like the hare by wearing the same fluorescent yellow top plus long black running trousers. Skids was back in her home town visiting from Liverpool, though no hub caps were reported as missing. Barritone seemed somewhat out of puff both with the horn and running, though having cycled to the hash from Beeston against that wind, one could understand his slowness. Miss Takemenow with her new go faster legs (streamlining?) kept up well (at least in front of Wallington). The RA Chicki was also somewhat off colour, no doubt ensuring a dry hash for Durex had taken up a lot of her strength.

At the On Inn we settled down to my favourite beer (Harvest Pale) and some
Hashy birthday to Durex....
birthday cake freshly made by Malteaser. A re-energised Chicki led the circle outside and DDs were awarded to:
1. B*gger, a non-believer who thought it was going to rain;
2. Goblin, having hasher recognition problems - should have gone to spec savers;
3. Too Tuf for allowing Chicki to get a nasty small prick when he misled her (yes we got a lot of the usual innuendo);
4. Yvonne a virgin, Shagulater's flying partner (with licence) and not from Glasgow;
5. Skids a visitor from the Wirral and Chester Hash, welcome back for her 195th QH3 trail;
6. The RA started to impose a better dress code, Cadi was punished for her fluorescent pink top. If only the beer Master had got in more beer we would have had a naming of 'Pinkie' and 'Perky' (Jamie); and finally
7. The hare, whose trail had no farm animals and lots of banging, so only got 42% vote for his trail.

On On..... Durex 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

MH3 Run 272, Swan Inn, Littleover

MH3 Run 272
Date: Monday 15th February 2016
Location: Swan Inn, Littleover
Hares: Seaman Stains
Weather: Dry and cold
Pack size: 13

Despite the forecast of the coldest night of the winter a respectable pack of 13 turned out for tonight's trail. The pack rapidly split into 'walkers' and 'r*nners' the latter being pulled along fast by Artless Dodger and Born Hashing (a welcome back who was probably twice as tall as the last time we saw him).
Pretty early on the hash, after disappearing straight down a road with no flour, the pack learnt that this hare was not adverse to sudden changes of the side of road to run on, often pealing off up a minor side road.
We managed to get most of the way around with the pack keeping together until the last check with the On Inn almost in sight. Here repeated checking failed to find the trail and most headed on the most direct route to the pub. The exception being Gobalot and Oriface who claim to have found the subtle, less direct loop back.
The White Swan was an good choice for an On Inn - good beer and the clincher being several bowls of excellent chips. 
Due to the rather cold weather outside, the circle was held indoors led by Dobber with DDs to:

1. Jelly Knob, local knowledge didn't help.
2. Lionel, a DD to shut him up and stop his attempts at singing.
3. Born Hashing welcome back.
4. Gobalot for shocking Oriface by paying the MH3 subs.
5. Durex and Dobber Hashy birthday.
6. Hare Seaman Stains for a well crafted trail around Littleover

On On

Trail as run by Durex

Sunday, 7 February 2016

QH3 Run 894 Bricklayers Arms, Thornton

RUN #894
Date : Sunday 7th February 2016
Location: Bricklayers Arms, Thornton
Hare: Wallington
Weather: Sunny spells but cold wind
Pack size: 14

With the previous evening's Awards Night fresh in the mind of the Quorn Hashers, we turned up in Thornton wondering where this trail was going to come in this year's rankings. Steepest, flattest, longest, shortests? Well it was a good entry for the latter category at only 3.7 miles. We saw quite a bit of sunshine but Capt Oates had clearly miscalculated the temperature and brought only a T-shirt.

The hare had promised us a 'live hare' but on completing the trail I saw him arriving by car. He had accidentally turned up to the lay the flour a couple of hours too early and had had time to go home for a shower. I suppose it is an improvement on a previous error when he laid the trail a week too early.

There was a rumour that Wallington doesn't like getting his shoes muddy so we could expect a lot of tarmac. Barritone set the early pace chasing a female runner (who wasn't a hasher) and she got a blast of his horn and cries of 'are you on' at the next check. I'm sure her pace quickened. So much for all that tarmac. The check at our first field was ankle deep shiggy alternating with extremely cold surface water. Sweep Pea and offspring had wisely managed to by-pass this and met the FRBs on Markfield Lane.
From here Butcher's Dog left the pack skidding about the mud and was not seen again until the On Inn. If you do set a live hare when Butcher's Dog is present you do need to put in a few checks to slow her down. It was a very pleasant run around the reservoir but little opportunity for checking. Arriving just behind Sausage, and a long way behind Butcher's Dog, I got back to the On Inn ten minutes before opening time. The pack was indeed well spread out. And did I feel a hint of rain when I arrived back?
RA Chicki led the circle with the first DD going to Captain Oates to warm him up. Next was a harriette (Sweet Pea) who had made the mistake of offering Chicki help over a style, as one does with elderly people. Barritone was punished for giving the female jogger a blast of his horn, and IP for threatening to trip up the young lad energetically running around the reservoir. Sausage donated his hash shoes (minus laces) to the charity recycling box and was joined in a DD by Butcher's Dog for getting back to the On Inn 15 minutes before it opened.
As is usual the hare was thanked for his efforts setting the trail, albeit short with few checks.
DDs continued to mop up remaining drinks with driving instructor Butt Plug said to be needing some new glasses and Chicki given something for a pole up the ?? This prompted IP and Sweet Pea to sing a 'Pole' song - Pissonya - which is actually Russian. Too Tuf took the final DD for never being satisfied'

That's the way I saw trail 894, 
On On..... Durex