Thursday, 4 October 2012

AH4 Run 35. Joiners Arms, Quarndon, Derby. 01/09/2012

Venue: Joiners Arms, Quarndon
Hares: Durex and ASB
Weather: Good

Trail (as done by hare on a recce).

This was a run for which I laid the trail, ably assisted by ASB, but missed the actual hash on account of Chicki's birthday celebrations in Leamington Spa on the same day. On this joint run with London H3, on the occasion their brewery trip weekend, I missed the excitement of Enema breaking her wrist on the trail and by all accounts an excellent hash helped by a great crowd from LH3.

Plenty of photo on AH4 Facebook.

QH3 Run 773. Bread and Bitter. Mapperley Top, Nottingham. 1/10/2012

Hare: Butt Plug.
Didn't make this run. 
Unusually a run on the first Monday of the month postponed from the previous week.