Tuesday, 26 January 2016

QH3 Run 893. Wilford Green Pub and Kitchen, Nottingham

RUN #893
Date : Monday 25th January 2016
Location: Wilford Green Pub, Nottingham
Hares: Too Tuf and Chicki
Weather: Dry and Mild
Pack size: 9

As our RA was one of the hares for this evening's trail I had guaranteed a dry run.  It was not looking good when we left home at 18:30 in an absolute deluge of rain. Rain that had not even been forecast. What's a hash guarantee worth anyway. We needn't have worried, by the time we arrived at the Wilford Green it was perfectly dry and a mild evening for January.
A relatively small pack set off in the wake of Butcher's Dog and Trianal though a lot of good checks meant the pack stayed together. Even Trianal was kept within viewing distance. Malteaser was our sole walker tonight deciding she wasn't going to run as she didn't want to get her hair wet. Surely walking the trail exposes your hair for twice as long? However, Malteaser did seem to keep up with the pack calling into question her genuineness as a walker.
We have hashed in this area many times but this was the first time QH3 had run from the Wilford Green Pub (there was a hash from its previous incarnation as The Maypole on May Day 2001). With the new Clifton tramline cutting through the area there were indeed virgin paths to be run.
Chicki as RA quietly led an indoor circle, DDs given to Malteaser (alleged walker); Cadi (lost property, prepared to follow anyone that was running); Trianal (NOT going off trail for once); and Jamie (abusing drug abusers - subjecting some young lads sitting in the dark on a bench with his flashing (light). Despite everything the hares still only managed a 12% (or did I write that down wrongly?).
Announcements again were very brief as the hareline doesn't have a hare until 6th March! Still we have the hash awards night at the VAT & Fiddle on 6th February to look forward to.
On On..... Durex

Monday, 18 January 2016

QH3 Run 892. The Plough, Huddlesford

RUN #892
Date : Sunday 17th January 2016
Location: The Plough, Huddlesford, nr. Lichfield
Hare: Captain Oates
Weather: Cold with snow on ground
Pack size: 10

A hare's worst nightmare - heavy snow the night before your trail. After establishing: (1) the Hare had successfully managed to lay a trail, and (2) at least two hashers were turning up, we set off for this distant outpost of our hashing area. Never before have we run from a location with a WS (West Staffordshire) postcode. The snow was actually melting fast and became less deep as we travelled south along the A38. Perhaps bringing the sledge was not such a good idea.
A hard core of nine hashers turned up, plus the hare (Captain Oates) who could be forgiven for turning up on his bicycle 15 minutes late on this bitterly cold day. This was trumped by Barritone who turned up even later on his bike all the way from Nottingham. He had set out the day before and spent the night in Tamworth - what dedication to hashing.
The hare promised us the shortest trail ever, said he would be very surprised if
No need for flour - just follow
the hare's characteristic footprints
we all didn't get lost but only remembered the bit about sticking to public paths when passing the rifle range after we'd set off. This was a trail of two halves, the first being undistinguished along roads into the outskirts of Lichfield with a beer stop at the hare's abode. This was an apartment towards the top of a block of flats with a splendid view across today's trail area. Indeed the hare could have easily planned the whole route sitting on the balcony with a beer. We were one down by the time we got to the beer stop, B*gger returning early to the On Inn because of recurring injury. Wallington claimed repetitive strain injuries from 'banging the keyboard' yet he managed to keep up with today's somewhat slow pace.

The second half was mainly on public footpaths through muddy snow covered fields where the hare had employed turmeric powder on top of (rather than mixed with) the white flour making the trail markings look like fried eggs. We did remarkably well to find the trail all the way back to the pub, the hare even choose to avoid the straightforward route back along the Coventry Canal and
Turmeric on white flour - fried egg markings
sent us through yet more muddy fields. The last half-mile was along roads with intermittent flour but there was a giant 'On Inn' scrawled across the road just to make sure we knew we had arrived. The hare's sense of distance was obviously affected by the weather, a promised short run was actually 5.5 miles.

This is a popular pub for a Sunday lunchtime and it rapidly filled up. The RA, after a wobble on the last trail, returned to her high standard of weather control. No precipitation whilst we were on the trail, this was saved until we were snugly inside the Plough. On account of this, we had a quiet circle inside the pub.
First DD went to B*gger, the RA pointing out we catered for all disabilities. Next was Wallington, late to the circle having just completed his Sunday dinner, was punished for his Stevie Wonder impression (banging on the keyboard (?)). Somehow the conversation wandered to discussing Tommy Walker and Pin Ball Wizzard, Captain Oates being rewarded for his admission that he always thought the words were 'Shaun plays a mean pin ball'. Barritone's dedication to hashing was acknowledged turning up on his bike, albeit twenty minutes late. Goblin then got a DD for something, I was distracted at this point by a wet black pussy running past the window. 
What can you say about a trail set under such conditions that also included a beer stop. Something between 42% and 42%! Well done Captain Oates for an enjoyable hash. Finally, the Beer Master (Too Tuf) got the remaining DD for not equally dividing the beers he purchased amongst the unknown number of DDs awarded by the RA.
Announcements were brief as we have no hares allocated to do a trail until 6th March. Too Tuf and Chicki rapidly volunteered to set our next trail on Monday 26th January.

On On..... Durex

Trail TO the beer stop as done by Durex.
Trail FROM the beer stop as done by Durex.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

MH3 Run 271, Exeter Arms, Derby

MH3 Run 271
Date: Monday 11th January 2016
Location: Exeter Arms, Derby
Hares: Gobalot with a little help from Oriface
Weather: Hint of drizzle in the air and feeling more like winter
Pack size: 13

The threat of drizzle faded and run 271 was done on a dry albeit cold evening. Having set many previous January MH3 trails from the centre of Derby in blizzards, deep snow and treacherously icy conditions, our hares today - Gobalot (chief hare) and Oriface (Helper) - got off lightly with the January weather.
Excellent choice of On Inn, the Exeter Arms, winner of the Derby CAMRA Food & Drink, Pub of the Year for the last three years. It's certainly in my top three favourite Derby pubs the only gripe as a Hash location being the lack of any nearby free parking before 8 pm. We parked on the road right outside the pub paying for an hour's parking (£2.20). Certainly a warm atmosphere inside with much of the pack staying on to do the quiz.
The hare promised us with some precision a trail of 4.8 miles and that's exactly what I did. I know my way around Derby but frequently found myself at the back repeatedly passing super-walker Seaman Stains. By the time we got to Markeaton Park on the A38 the pack was becoming well spread out, Butcher's Dog probably back in the pub already, Trianal who knows where, and Malteaser after disappearing down a long check finding herself bringing up the rear behind Seaman Stains who, although a walker, usually gets around the whole trail in about the same time as the r*nners. The hares made good use of a more direct route and often popped up in front of us (a small sub-group of Artless Dodger, Lightning Rod, Jelly Knob and myself) at strategic points towards the end.
For the hares, not so much a Derby trip down memory lane as a trip across THE Zebra Crossing - the place where they first met 41 years ago.

The circle was led by Dobber in the somewhat cooler back room of the Exeter Arms. On the day the death of David Bowie was announced Lionel took the first DD as being the representative of someone from another planet. Trianal got his customary DD for many reasons, dressed like a vicar, forcing us to move from the cosy room in the pub and checking out the trail before everyone else had arrived. Malteaser got the third DD for hugging the rug, or should I say hogging it. The pub had kindly provided fleece blankets to keep us warm in the cool room though Malteaser kept the one big enough for three persons to herself. Seaman Stains got the penultimate DD for his competitive walking. The Final DD of course went to the hares for an excellent trail, just right for a cold winter's evening.

On On

Trail as run by Durex

Friday, 8 January 2016

QH3 Run 891. Bluebell, Attenborough

RUN #891
Date : Sunday 3rd January 2016
Location: Bluebell, Attenborough, Nottingham 
Hare: Barritone
Weather: Wet and windy
Pack size: 17

A Winter's Trail (in remembrance that this is the 400th year since Shakespeare's death) or a CSI Investigation (given the forensic skills needed to find some of the flour)? These were some of the suggestions for naming today's run. There was also much speculation regarding the wet weather, our first wet trail since the end of March, the week before Chicki became RA. Had Chicki failed to renew the annual subscription to her weather app or was she just sharing the rain a bit more fairly? On arrival she gave her excuse feeling too tired to look after the weather! Don't complain about having to negotiate those slippery muddy paths if you don't take care of the weather.

Barritone always sets a very well marked trail so, even fore-warned, the extent of the obliterated flour trail on the public paths of the Attenborough Nature Reserve was a surprise, Someone had done a really good job removing every blob, rather pointlessly as the heavy rain was doing this anyway. Strangely enough the blobs were removed but not the bars. With a few hints from the hare, the pack did manage to find the correct trail. I was expecting a fairly simple trail around the Attenborough  but Barritone managed to find paths not used before.

Back at the On Inn the pub matched the miserable weather. A review of the pub I found from September 2013 still seemed very relevant today:
"A Flaming Grill pub with their hellish colour scheme approached through a large, empty car park .....There is a horrible suburban feel to it, and the staff appear dull and generally characterless. This is a bland establishment which was probably more interesting as a building site."

The circle was held inside commencing with (1) Shagulater getting a wee one -
Too Tuf - QH3's first 600 timer
how was he warming up his hands? (2) Butcher's Dog - leading the pack down 'an authorised person only track'. (3) Butt Plug and and Durex for RA abuse. (4) IP took a DD for Sweet Pea for zooming past Chicki who was going at a snail's pace through the muddy bits. (5) B*gger whose physio means he can now run. (6) Too Tuf and Sausage for run name suggestions. (7) Too Tuf again for the momentous event of becoming the first Quorn hasher to reach 600 runs. (8) During the run discussion the inevitable 'best trail of the year' was mentioned. The whereabouts of the promised Llamas and sheep was questioned. A secret ballot was so secret I missed the results but I think it was an excellent trail set under difficult conditions. Well laid Barritone. (9) Sweet Pea received a hashy birthday....and we finished with the hash hymn.

So starteth another hash year  .....Durex