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MH3 Run 265. Swan Inn, Milton

MH3 Run 265
Date: Monday 13th July 2015
Location: Swan Inn, Milton (DE65 6EF)
Hares: Seaman Stains and Catflap
Weather: Dry after a day of rain
Pack size: 13 

The hares were unfortunate to have chosen one of the wettest days of the summer to lay this trail, though by the time of the hash the rain had stopped and everything was drying out. Despite the rain the flour stuck well and the trail was easy to find, that is, aside from the cunning false trails.

This is a good pub to run from and the chip butties at the On Inn ensured the hares got the 'good run accolade'. Friendly staff, a good choice of beers, and with one room serving as a day time cafe this is a good place to visit any time of the day.

The pack soon split into two groups, r*nners and walkers, with the usual group of SRBs (Dobber, Loinel, Woggle) joined by Captain Oates with his poorly knee. Our hares for the day, Catflap and Seaman Stains, are of course of the walking persuasion, though the latter's statement that it wasn't a long trail because he walked it in 2 hours was not reassuring. Seaman Stains usually walks faster than some of our hashers run!

The trail was characteristically different from our usual Mickleover trails in that flour blobs were more widely spaced and hashers were enticed down false trails not marked with a check but a cunningly placed flour blob exactly were paths split. On many occasions Lightning Rod and Oriface, although familiar with this area, went off for long trips down a false trail. The harriettes (Malteaser, Wriggle and Gobalot) did meet the FRBs coming in the opposite direction in Repton, later attributed to Malteaser crossing a bar.

We were joined by Major Tosser today, running fast but fortunately kept in check by cunning false trails. Indeed, all the r*nners were kept together until the last check after which was a long stretch back into Milton including a relatively steep hill along the road which sorted out the FRBs from the rest.

I did my good deed for the day releasing a lamb that had got its head stuck in a fence. Just as well nobody was there to take a photo as I lined up behind the lamb, grabbed it by the shoulders and yanked it backwards.

Satisfied by chip butties we were a happy bunch of hashers by the time it came to the circle. DDs were awarded to:

1. Durex (name label on socks), and Gobalot and Wiggle ('left' and 'right' markings on socks);
2. Malteaser - misleading the other harriettes in Repton;
3. Welcome back for Major Tosser;
4. Lionel who had just returned from Greece and was blamed for their monetary crisis. We had a referendum to decide that he was indeed guilty; and
5. The hares, Seaman Stains and Catflap for a good hash.

On On...Durex
Trail as done by Durex

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